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The Spanish rugby team has been ruled out of the 2023 World Cup due to a player’s improper alignment

The Spanish rugby team has been ruled out of the 2023 World Cup due to a player's improper alignment

Gavin van den Berg did not meet residency requirements when he played two qualifying games with the Lions. The Spanish Federation speaks of an “alleged forgery” of his passport.

Gavin van den Berg, on the right of the image, with Spain shirttelesport

Federation’s negligence in control of eligible players That leaves the Spanish rugby team without a place at the 2023 World Cup in France that it won on the field. The International Federation (World Rugby) has adopted a decision taken by an independent committee to resolve that Lions He misaligned in two of the qualifying matches, taking away the points he earned for those victories.

As a result, they move from second to fourth in the qualifying tournament behind Romania (who qualified directly for France 2023) and Portugal (who would play in the playoffs).

The claim against Spain was accurately presented by the Romanian Federation and was based on the fact that South African-born player Gavin van den Berg, who was included by the Santos team in December 2021, do not meet the residency conditions. These rules establish that, at that time, in order to obtain ‘eligible’ status by residence, the player must have lived uninterruptedly in our country for the past three years. It is also said that, “as a guide”, but without clarifying whether it is indicative or exhaustive, one must assume at least ten months of physical presence in each of those years.

The player who was cited by this claim had established his residence in Spain since the start of the 2018/19 season, but a long foreign trip coupled with his holidays meant he had to stay in Spain for one of those three seasons. Those ten months had not arrived. We have a detail that the Spanish Federation did not verify when it received documents from the Van den Berg club, Alcobendas, to stop occupying a place as a foreigner. At that time it acquired the status of selectable for FER.

According to a statement from the Spanish Federation, the highest body of international rugby has also decided to sanction Spain with £25,000. it ensures that “Alleged falsification of passport of the above mentioned player results in harsh sanctions”so continue with ” “extraordinary disciplinary process” initiated at that time”, a process that had not yet been disclosed and which could affect national competitions as a whole.

It is noteworthy that the violation of the rules occurred in relation to a player who was not among the starters and was not even among the usual substitutes of coach Santiago Santos. Lexus Alcobendus left column Gavin van den Berg was only called up for two games out of ten. He played only two matches in the tournament against the weakest opponent, the Netherlands, and in both cases he took the field in the second half, the match having already been settled, although he made an attempt at the Tour of Amsterdam.

This is not the first time that Spain’s team has been out of the World Cup due to the same circumstance.A. In 2018, the scandal started by partisan arbitration of Romanian Iordachescu lion These also concluded with a sanction for improper alignment of the two players.

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