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The Soviet Union is still alive in Galician Futsali

A group of friends enjoy walking the mythical names in the fields. Now, the war in Ukraine has taken away some of his followers.

celebrate one of his victoriesSoviet Union Futsal

called Soviet Union Futsal, and they are a team made up of friends in 2015. Perico Balado, Alexandre Pita and Eloi Gartzia, lifelong friends, are the founders of this curious group. They all have one thing in common: Belief in the Soviet Model as Something Amazing, Perico Balado sums it up: “We want to give our team a great name, And there is nothing more victorious, more glorious than the Soviet Union”,

After seven years of adventures in the first categories of Galician futsal, the war between Russia and Ukraine has given them back an involuntary prominence. “The first thing to do is this is a team of friends where humor is the most important thing, and we don’t want to get into issues like this,” says Ballado himself. Perico, however, acknowledged that the situation affected him, as not many people eventually want to join the club of that name.

The pandemic robbed him of his audience, but now that everything appears to be “back to normal,” it means there are many people who don’t identify with this type of belief. that yes, remember that a few years ago, Russia Today – Russia’s state television network – was there to report with them. nThey never saw it, nor did they have access to what came out of itBecause it was released only in Russia.

It is in the small town of Sigerio, which is located in . is about 15 kms from santiago de compostelaWhere the team is born. No more than 4,000 residents live there. And although his proximity to Santiago meant that Catholics made up a large percentage of the population, he never took a dim view of the birth and formation of this team. It is in the sports complex where many sports are played and where futsal is fast becoming a professional.

Although they are socialist in nature, their founder says that There is no requirement to play in a team. You have to have a sense of humor at the top. There is no doubt that most of the players are from the left.”But if anyone from PP wants to come and play, they can do that.”Between laughs Perico says. When asked if there is any right-winger in the team, he says, “There might be one, but the Secret Service is already working on it.”

Humor as a Key Element

It is true that humor is very much present in the lives of the club and its players. Their social networks are a good mirror of this. He has Instagram and Facebook accounts, and although the pandemic forced him to stop, jokes have always been a weapon. If they lose, they call the referee “The Enemy of Socialism”And if they win they are held accountable “Victory over Capitalism”, Always in a witty tone, but as Perico admits, “this humor is disguised as truth.” They are not affiliated with any party, although most of them want to galician independence,

Another example of his constant fun is that he had a shot of vodka before each game, but he was threatened more than once by the federation, as alcohol is not allowed inside sports venues. This week, Soviet Union Futsal played the final of its championship. They are already guaranteed promotions Honor Division of Santiago de Compostela,

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