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The secret of Jorge Molina, one of the ‘grandparents’ of the League: “In the clubs they don’t prepare you for life after football” | LaLiga Santander 2021

 The secret of Jorge Molina, one of the 'grandparents' of the League:

Granada – Real Madrid (4.15pm)

At 39, the Granada forward receives Real Madrid at home. “Life after retirement gives me respect,” he tells EL MUNDO

Jorge Molina, during a training session.

Next April, the League receive a new ‘forty’. Be Jorge Molina (Alcoy, 1982), who enter his fourth decade of life fighting with the centrals of the maximum competition of Spanish football. More than half a life wearing the t-shirts of the Alcoyano, Benidorm, Ganda, Elche, Betis, Getafe and Granada. A footballer who was slow to make the leap to the elite of the national ball and who squeezes every minute that fate gives him in First Division: “What I’m trying to do now is enjoy. The end is getting closer and closer, I want to be a sponge and keep all the beautiful things in my head “, he tells in a talk with EL MUNDO before receiving the Real Madrid.

Questions about age are almost a must for him 3rd on the League Veterans Podium. Gold is for Joaqun (Betis), the second place for Diego Lopez (Espanyol) and bronze for the Granada forward. “I’m not thinking about how old I am, nor in a game I’m going to tell the central defender ‘don’t push me too hard, I’m older.’ no rival has tried to sting me with age, “jokes Molina.” I don’t think about whether I’m 20, 30 or 40 years old. I think about playing my best. My friends are from my fifth, so they can’t mess with me much either, “he remembers with a laugh.

The attacker has started in the last two games for Granada and appears as probable in the starting eleven of Robert Moreno against Madrid. Excellent performance based on work, discipline and taking care of your body to the limit. “I have not had any major injuries and that is why I can continue playing. Others had more quality or more physical, but I have been more constant and I’ve always wanted to improve myself, “he admits.

The feeding, key in his career: “Before, I ate many more things, but many, many (laughs). At 18 you have that energy and you don’t pay as much attention to what you eat. Now you have to take care of all the details as much as possible. I have almost completely changed the diet. Someday if I have a monkey or a whim, because one of these junk food hamburgers is … That for one day you eat it is not going to be bad, but in general, no. This is not the result of luck. “, He sums up.

Molina has a personal nutritionist who advises you on everything related to food, and accompanies the instructions of the Granada physical trainers with his own study as a graduate in INEF. “The INEF career has helped me to know certain aspects, what suits me best and what doesn’t, and ah improve performance. You always have to be learning and open to everything. “

“Life after retirement gives me respect”

The one of Alcoy He admits that he does not know if this will be his last game against Madrid, because he has not decided anything about his future. Contract with Granada ends, but still has “illusion”. Yes, have you thought about what will happen after football? “Life after retirement gives me respect. In the end I am extending my career so much that it is many years, more than half of my life with football. I have respect, but I understand that that moment is not very far off and you have to prepare yourself. “

Increasingly, in the world of sports, entities are required to prepare their athletes for life by abandoning professionalism, to avoid depressions or financial problems, but Molina, at least in his own experience, has not lived those advice. “I believe that In the teams themselves, no, they don’t prepare you much for tomorrow. It is one more aspect of your environment. My parents have always instilled in me that I had to study and I have tried to prepare myself as well as possible and have a range to be able to enter certain aspects “.

Within this range, the already mentioned degree in INEF and the titles of coach and sports director. “I try to be the best prepared in case the opportunity arises. I am a sponge and I try to learn from everyone”, he mentions, before ending with a reflection on young people and social networks: “Football has evolved a lot … locker room less interactsAnd having a certain distance with the mobile is positive, you get to know your teammates better and it has a positive impact on the field. “

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