Home Sport The scoring gene of the Simeone that Cholo did not have

The scoring gene of the Simeone that Cholo did not have

The scoring gene of the Simeone that Cholo did not have

The three sons of the Atltico technician are strikers. Gio, the oldest, at 26, fights for the top scorer in Serie A with Verona. Giuliano, 19, is the rojiblanco subsidiary’s top scorer

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It never hurts to contextualize, especially when there’s a soccer ball involved. Giovanni (1995) came to the world in the middle of July in Madrid, while his father was preparing without knowing it for the assault of that historic Atltico Double.

Giuliano (2002) was born in Rome, where Diego Pablo drank his last sips in Serie A, wearing the Lazio jersey. After a few months, already 33 years old, he returned to Madrid to live his last adventure as a rojiblanco footballer.

In between, I stormed Gianluca (1998), which was presented to the world in Buenos Aires, a few days after the Argentine team of Daniel Passarella, led by his father, fell in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in France.

Precisely the Cholo He played that World Cup as a left winger, before the overdose of midfielders (Almeida, Ariel Ortega, Vern) that moved the heart of the albiceleste. I have played in all positions except goalkeeper. The technician, Daniel Passarella, he told me to see myself as a lane and then I, who wanted to play as it were, felt like the best lane in the world, I recognized dates back Simeone, in a talk with Vicente del Bosque in ‘El Pas’. That speaks (and well) of his ability to adapt but, above all, of that versatility that he values ​​so much today as a coach and that he displayed on the field. However, although the goal was not alien to him, it was always very far from approaching the profile of a forward. A mutation that, for example, he managed off the bench with Ral garca.

Hand in hand with Vlahovic and Immobile

Paradoxically, the goal runs through the veins of his sons, who combine that warrior spirit intrinsic to the Simeone surname with the fang in front of the opposing goalkeeper. A punch that has multiplied in the case of Giovanni and Giuliano, during the first overflowing and sharp months of the season.

Gio, as Giovanni is known footballingly, is the third top scorer in Italian Serie A. Although he had already left details in Gnova, Fiorentina and Cagliari, it was at Hellas Verona (on loan from the Sardinian team) where he exploded, with 12 goals in 18 games. Only Vlahovic (16) e Immobile (13) have more hits than he does. Meditation, for about 10-15 minutes a day, is one of their secrets. Before his biggest day, with that poker game against Lazio in a 4-1 win, he watched a Rocky movie to intensify his motivation. His mind and spirit, like his father, never rest. It occurred to me to look at the Atltico training sessions, trying to study their offensive phase and use it in Cagliari. It was a way to grow up in his forties, he remembered a little over a year ago.

Giuliano turned 19 on December 18. And he did it as the top scorer of the Atltico B group in the RFEF Third Division. He has signed 11 goals in 18 games. Eight of them in the last eight games of the championship. His nose, in addition to his incessant fight, is one of the virtues that keeps the rojiblanco affiliate at the forefront of the classification, in search of a mandatory and necessary promotion, after the hit of the previous season.

From the River Plate quarry

In the summer, in the absence of the Eurocup and the Copa America, Giuliano was the second outfield player with the most minutes of the preseason (357 in five games), only surpassed by Salt. He lacked a toe (he did not score), but he had surplus delivery, runaway in search of each ball. In a few days the Copa del Rey will arrive (January 6). And against Rayo Majadahonda, leader of the RFEF First Division, he could debut in an official match with the first team.

It is very difficult to have a child in the locker room: for him, for the relationship … Diego Pablo admitted a couple of years ago, when Gio, a teenager when his father landed on the Atltico bench, began to attract the attention of the rojiblanca fans for their targets in Italy. Now, both he and his little brother, all chiseled in the River Plate quarry (also Gianluca, Ibiza striker of the Second RFEF), are a possibility that a large part of the faithful mattress makers will not dislike. Perhaps the least clear about it would be his own father, who enjoys the progress of his children from a distance, paying off the debts in those high-voltage games on the green of the house garden.

At the Atletico Academy they often repeat that if Gianluca had not been named Simeone, he would probably have had more participation in the first team. And perhaps Giovanni, who now shares a dressing room with Kalinic, irrelevant in his only season at Atlético, he could also have tried in his native Madrid.

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