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The science of Modric and Kroos draws a round and lethal Madrid in Granada | LaLiga Santander 2021

 The science of Modric and Kroos draws a round and lethal Madrid in Granada |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Ancelotti’s team thrashed (1-4) Robert Moreno’s team, sent off for protesting the red card to Monchu. Asensio, Nacho, Vinicius and Mendy achieve the white goals.

Modric celebrates a goal in Granada.JON NAZCAREUTERS

The science of Modric and Kroos it does not end. On the contrary. Gets better. It’s like Archimedes and Leonardo they would find themselves in the middle of a soccer field. They know all the balances and imbalances. Now what Xavi wants to rebuild Bara must feel a mixture of nostalgia and fear when he observes these two footballers of his kind, contemporaries even of a time that does not end for the Croatian: 36 years and on the way to another World Cup. He is an enigma and a wise man.

In Granada, they searched for and found goals on the route that were not theirs, because they were given and even wrapped with gift wrap, like the third one offered by Modric to Vinicius. The German, for his part, threw Asensio in the first, and between them they created the closed play on the net by Nacho, In a second. The one of MendyFourth, it served to give them rest.

Precise, omnipresent and active, the performance of Modric and Kroos makes Madrid round, it makes it bigger to the same extent that it reduces its opponents. Granada did little, just the lash of Luis Javier Surez and an attempt at Jorge Molina that he took out Courtois’s only hand.

The rise of Asensio

White midfielders make those around them better. Asensio was the first beneficiary and he continued his good act with Rayo, before the team’s trip. The Balearic did not. The train Luis Enrique no wait. There is no first or second, only one class, that of those who run. If there is a way for Asensio to get back on it is to do it, in addition to everything that is supposed to him, the talent, the goal. The way to open the score in the Nuevo Los Crmenes was a compendium of everything he can do, with a long drive ending with the goal, although Maximiano touch the ball. Everything can be improved, and that is the mentality that someone who arrived too early to a place that can be reached in one jump, a good jump, must have. The balance to hold is something else.

Margarita has been with Asensio for a while: she loves me, she doesn’t love me, I’m leaving, I’m staying … It’s normal. First, because irregularity is a rage in their performance; second, because intermittency is a personality trait. It is perceptible throughout the same game. The Madrid system, a 4-3-3, also favors him, not being able to interpret the role in which he feels most comfortable, as a playmaker. Ancelotti He has tried it in that place, but when he has lined up Madrid in a 4-2-3-1. Asensio is a footballer to play behind the striker, with more association and shot from front to door. The band penalizes some of its qualities. It is what it is. Modric and Kroos do not have that problem, although they had to reconvert after their arrival. There Asensio has an example.

On the right, the Spaniard accelerated to meet Kroos’ pass and hurried to the finish off against Maximiano, with very little opposition from Granada. The error in the ball exit, something he insists on Robert Fernndez, penalized the nazar team, very little intense at the start. In fact, he did not wake up until he closed the gap, thanks to the personal rebellion of Luis Javier Surez, a racial striker. Before and after, however, he fit in again in Madrid’s plays drawn up with a rule and a letter. Kroos and Modric moved on the left and Nacho finished in the area, in the second goal. The Croatian left the goal to Vinicius after driving Benzema in the third of the whites. It was a touch of distinction, half deception, half efficiency, with the brush of a genius.

Double expulsion at Granada

The third goal restored the dominant trend that Madrid had warmly lost with Luis Javier Surez’s shot and that heated up the stadium until half-time. The return put things back in place, this time with an Imperial Modric and Kroos in the media, and Vinicius thrown until he was hunted by Monchu. The red card did more justice to the defender’s intentions than to what happened. The expulsion unleashed the helplessness of Robert Moreno, a hysterical man, who ended up walking into the dressing room as well. He had reasons to be angry, but in any case with his own, not very intense, and with his approach.

Ancelotti decided to withdraw Vinicius to give minutes to Rodrygo and avoid risks. Although the initial role, goal included, was for Asensio, the Brazilian maintains the level acquired this season. Hazard He was low again, this time due to gastroenteritis, but the truth is that if he plays instead it will be for rotations or for charity. Bale, neither is nor expected. In Granada, Ancelotti only granted rest among the starters to Militao. Instead, Nacho was at the collective level of the team: remarkable. With the wind in favor of the fourth goal, the work of Mendy, the Italian favored the entry of Camavinga, Isco, Jovic And till Vallejo, that debut in the League, so that, among others, Modric and Kroos could rest. Many games come in a short time and few play them like them. Ancelotti celebrates it, content, while lighting two candles in the silence of a prayer.

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