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The rule that Ray Zapata was unaware of and left him without gold: “I’ve freaked out a lot”

The rule that Ray Zapata was unaware of and left him without gold:

The gymnast regrets that, despite the fact that the execution of Israel Artem Dolgopyat had a penalty, the tiebreaker was in his favor.

Ray Zapata, during his floor exercise, this Sunday.LOIC VENANCEAFP
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Ray Zapata, sitting in a chair, stretched out snot, while his coach, Benjamin Bangohe claimed. He still did not know if he would win a medal in the floor final of the Tokyo Games, there were still three gymnasts to compete, but he already guessed that something strange had happened. That’s why, because of the tension, because of the waiting, the tears.

“When the Israeli note has come out [Artem Dolgopyat] I did not understand that they would place him first and me second. He had presented an exercise with more difficulty than me and if we were even he meant that my execution had been better. In the tiebreaker, since always, in all the history of the gymnast, she commands the execution before the difficulty. But not this time. I’ve really freaked out. They have pulled out of their sleeve a rule that I had not seen in my life. In fact, I haven’t seen her yet, I’m going to look for her now, of course I do “, declared Zapata in a mixed zone, who was” very happy “about the money, but …

“When we were claiming I thought that the gold could be mine, that they were going to change the order. But no. I got to be the one who left the track and I would not have even gotten the bronze. I have been denouncing that for a long time, that the judges do not value me, that I have to make it perfect so that they give me the gold. Let’s leave it there, I’m going to enjoy that and that’s it, “added the already Olympic runner-up while his technician detailed what had happened.

Indeed the israel Dolgopyat It was presented with a point of difficulty (6,600) more than Zapata (6,500) and in fact they ended up tied (14,933), but technically it was not because the Spaniard was better in the execution. In the execution they obtained exactly the same mark (8,433). Only that the Israel stepped once, with one foot, outside the mat and that infraction carries a penalty of 0.1 points that does not count for the tiebreaker. If he had put both feet, they would have subtracted 0.3 points and the gold would have gone to Zapata.

The ‘Zapata II’, very risky

“The tie is what there is. There are tie-breaking criteria and if there is a tie in execution, the note of the Israeli gymnast in difficulty is what he has decided. It is like that, it is what there is,” commented the technician Benjamin Bango, more restrained than his ward.

“I am the best, I am the best, period. Everyone has seen it and I am very clear about it. The color of this medal does not matter,” added Zapata, who, in full celebration, revealed a secret. Until the last day, until this very Sunday, he was doubting whether to make the jump that bears his name, the ‘Zapata I’ or to go further and try its evolution, the ‘Zapata II’. The difference seems minimal, doing the jump with the legs hunched or stretched out, but in reality it is a huge change. And so, in the end, I decided not to risk.

Analyzing the score of their rivals with their technician, Bango, they determined that the medal would not be in the difficulty, but in the execution. If he tried he did not go to more and failed, he could stay off the podium. If instead he sought not to fail … “It was the correct decision. We were doubting, but we decided that we were going to go to keys the seven series, the seven diagonals, and not play a mistake”, define the technician, satisfied, realized, despite to that norm, that unknown norm, that left Zapata without gold in the Games.