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The renewal Plan of ‘lasismo’: the strategy with which Real Madrid has revolutionized its squad

The renewal Plan of 'lasismo': the strategy with which Real Madrid has revolutionized its squad

The return of Deck and the renewal of Yabusele culminate a process that began with the signing of Poirier. Everyone, like Tavares, frustrated after his time in the NBA. Juancho Hernangmez, next target

Poirier, Hanga and Yabusele, during a recent Real Madrid game.ACB PHOTO / V. ROAD
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Just a few months ago, the outlook for Real Madrid invited pessimism. It was as if one of the most buoyant few in its lustrous history faded without anyone seeming to do anything to remedy it. Some stars escaped, others aged and the Bara emerged Jasikevicius willing to end the cycle. But there was a road map. Silent and strategic. The return of Gabriel Deck and the renovation of Guerschon Yabusele, the two movements in the dispatches of last week, confirm the ‘Plan renew’: there are lasism for a while.

Then, Alex Tyus it was the paradigm of depression. A veteran already in the twilight of his career was the only market argument for the serious injury of Anthony Randolph. Facundo Campazzo had just fled to the NBA and the team was supported by the omnipresence of Tavares, the strength of a Deck that he would not take long to pack his bags and an 18-year-old boy, Usman garuba. A meager and exhausted squad that would end up yielding in the Cup final, in the Euroleague quarters and also for the ACB title, despite the collective’s meritorious rewards of self-esteem. The first blank year of the Laso era was, however, a fallow period.

In addition to the pandemic and the general austerity of the club in these times, one of the great problems for the necessary reconstruction was precisely in the clutches of that insatiable NBA that took Deck for two million euros when in a couple of months it ended. contract and was free. On the reverse side of this tyranny, Madrid has found its loophole. And the first stone of the re-foundation arrived in April, when the arrival of Vincent Poirier.

The example had been Edy Tavares. Players rebounded from a League that gobbles up stars without too much consideration. Like the African, Poirier had almost no minutes for two years since he jumped from the Baskonia. In the prime of his career. And at that door, Madrid knocked the first, as the French confessed in an interview on the website of his Federation, where he also talked about what it meant to have fun again and about the NBA business. The mindset here is less entrepreneurial. There is an element of affection that you cannot find there, he acknowledged, in white.

Heurtel and Hanga

With Poirier and Tavares, Madrid raised a wall, two towers unmatched in Europe, both in their fullness. But there was much more to do. In summer they arrived Nigel Williams-Goss, an American point guard with many suitors, and Guerschon Yabusele, another NBA renegade. Thomas Heurtel and Adam Hanga They represented two market opportunities, proven, experienced players, who were soon to fit in. Differentials, one in attack and the other in defense. And with the plus of arriving repudiated by the eternal rival.

Awaiting Randolph’s recoveries and Trey thompkins, Laso recovered the strength of a physical and extensive staff, from which two veterans emerged as Felipe Reyes and Jaycee Carroll (in addition to a Laprovittola that never performed as expected) and that it had the impetus of the prolific quarry. Juan Nuez, Tristan Vukcevic or Eli Ndiaye They have proven to be ready despite their age, integrated into the day-to-day of the first team. Klavzar, Baba Miller or Sediq Garuba discovered in the emergency match against CSKA that there is still much more in the fishing ground that runs Alberto Angulo.

But the icing on the cake for the future has come in the last few days. The penultimate stone. With the return of Deck and the renovation of a Yabusele that had left doors open: he had only signed for a year. Both until 2025. Two 26-year-old talents supporting everything else. Still with NBA clauses, but with contracts commensurate with their status. And with the tattoo of his bad times on the other side of the pond.

So Laso, the same man who juggled a year ago to simply survive, is today, just over a month away from the first title of the course, with a squad of 15 pieces plus three promising homegrown players. With Llull and Rudy as champions of competitiveness, a core of players over 30 (Causeur, Randolph, Thompkins, Taylor, Hanga and Heurtel) and another as a pillar of the present and tomorrow. Between 21 of Carlos Alocn and 29 from Tavares, Abalde (26), Poirier (28), Deck (26), Yabusele (26) and Goss (27). Suddenly, muscle, favorite of all. And with plans for even more: Juancho Hernangmez, another bounced, be the great goal of the summer.

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