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The pulse against the virus: more than 100 positives, a Bara to the limit and Courtois waiting | LaLiga Santander 2021

 The pulse against the virus: more than 100 positives, a Bara to the limit and Courtois waiting |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The day, threatened during the week by the micron variant, starts today in Mestalla (4.15pm) with the Valencia-Espanyol duel.

From left to right: Vinicius, Griezmann and Dembl.AFP
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Traditionally, after the Christmas break, the greatest risk for footballers was to return to training with a kilo than another extra. Or, as it happened in the 90s, with Romario and some other Brazilian, who managed to return to Spain on time without the death of it disrupting his coach’s plans.

In the last two years, but much more in this 2021, the great threat is to come back infected from the holidays. Some Christmas stamps of players in remote places, the majority publicized through their social networks, have resulted in a handful of positives by Covid. Most of them, yes, asymptomatic. The sixth wave, unceremoniously driven by the micron variant, has turned the positives into a sort of lottery.

Until further notice, there are more than a hundred First-class footballers who have tested positive upon their return. Real Madrid, Atltico and Barcelona have notified the cases with names and surnames. Many others, such as Sevilla or Betis, where only the face of Borja Iglesias, have just given the number. And, directly, Villarreal has made the decision not to even issue statements about it. Everyone deals with the virus as they want.

But the most affected club is Barcelona. Namely: Dani Alves, Lenglet, Jordi Alba, Umtiti, Dembl, Gavi, Coutinho, Abde, Alex Balde and Dest. Xavi kick off the new year in Mallorca with an exercise in tightrope walking to make sense of your board. Ten footballers will miss next Sunday’s match (9:00 p.m.), unless two negative PCRs are reported.

The double negative in PCR

A matter, that of the double negative, difficult, but not impossible. Tell it to Thibaut Courtois. On Wednesday he appeared next to Vinicius, Camavinga Y Valverde (Jovic joined yesterday) in Real Madrid’s casualty payroll due to the virus and yesterday he presented his second negative PCR. Lunin he rubbed his gloves, but now the Belgian is at the expense of the health authorities giving him permission to play against Getafe (Sunday, 2:00 pm). The rest of the pre-Christmas outbreak is past.

Without his coach, without his captain and without two of his scorers, start 2022 at Atltico. Yesterday the rojiblanco club announced the positives of Simeone, Griezmann, Koke, Joao flix Y Hctor Herrera. In the case of the technician and the last two names, it is the second time that they have to be quarantined because they are infected with the virus.

None of them will be in the Wanda Metropolitano derby against Rayo (4.15pm). A duel for the Champions League that, at times, seemed doomed to postponement, due to the losses by Covid of the Vallecano team. Up to 11 affected from the workforce came to announce the Franco-red box, in addition to six others between managers and technicians, including Andoni Iraola, who came back yesterday. Right now, neither Falcao neither Mario surez, chanted by the red-and-white stands at another time and on the list of positives, they will be able to step on the stadium where their team used to be.

13 tokens available

Unlike what has happened in the Premier, where the micron variant has won six of the 20 games of the two Christmas days, the League, a priori, continue its course without surprises. As long as a club has 13 chips available between the first squad and the subsidiary, postponement will not be an option. In England, fewer than 14 first-squad players (including at least one goalkeeper) are sufficient to give the go-ahead for suspension.

This afternoon, at 4.15 pm, on the Mestalla grass, Valencia (four positive) and Espanyol (five) say goodbye to the year with the start of a 19 day under the magnifying glass of that sixth wave of infections that, for the first time Since that lockdown in 2020, he has once again ruthlessly threatened football. The coronavirus does not make distinctions.

Reference from elmundo