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The One With the Shoes That Stopped Yulimar Rojas and Other Oddities of the Nike World Cup

Eugene, the city where the American company was born, hosts the championships starting this Friday and is where USA wants to recover the pace. Without the Russians, there are Rojas, Duplantis or Ingebrigtsen stars.

Rojas, during the Tokyo Games.AP
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Eugene, Oregon, west coast of the United States. 170,400 residents, less than Alcorcan. Half a dozen hotels, no more. and over two hours by car from the nearest big city, Portland. What is the World Athletics Championship doing here? The answer is Nike, just Nike. The company was formed in Eugene, specifically the University of Oregon, began manufacturing in Eugene and, although it moved its offices to Portland in the 1990s – not to mention its production – its Spirit Eugene. continues in. The remodeling of Hayward Field, the stadium that would host the competition, with approximately 25,000 seats, was financed by Phil Knight, founder of Nike, and many other links still link the city, university, and brand. The Athletics World Cup is the Nike World Cup and starting this Friday (at bad times in Spain, almost always at dawn) its athletes will want to show it to the track. Who in particular?

Well, the American team first, always has a swoon on the chest, which goes with everything. After a somewhat disappointing Olympic Games in Tokyo, with a historic void in motion, Team USA seeks redemption in the first World Cup in history at their home. Everything is ready to regain the title I lost in the 100m in Tokyo.Fred Carey Trayvon Bromell…), 200 m (erion knight You Noah Lyles) or to celebrate victory and even world records in the 110 m hurdles (Grant Holloway) and the women’s 400 m hurdles (Sydney McLaughlin), men’s shot put (ryan krauser) and women’s up to 800 meters (something muWith only two exceptions in the modern era (Russia in 2001 and Kenya in 2015), the United States has led the medal table in every edition of the World Cup, and this time there is no doubt that it will dominate widely. However, most stars who will cross the boundaries of athletics and reach the general public will not be Yankees.

fasting affair

Because at the moment there is no American or American who has the power to charm a quartet that monopolizes more spotlights: Jamaica Shelly-Ann Fraser-PriceNorwegian Jacob IngebrigtsenSwedish mondo duplantis and venezuela Yulimar Rojasso, All four, in his specialty, are called upon to set the agenda because of the importance of the World Cup in his career. In the 100 meters, Fraser-Price could win her fifth title 13 years after winning her first, a milestone no woman has ever achieved. Ingebrigtsen aims for a 1,500-5,000 double which only one person celebrated, Bernard Lagat, in 2007. At 22, Duplantis must be getting the gold he doesn’t have, as he failed at the Doha World Cup three years ago. And Rojas, well, Rojas. The Guadalajara-based jumper wanted this year to do the trick: winning again in the triple jump, perhaps with another world record, plus a win in the long jump. But the rules of the International Athletics Federation left it only halfway. As announced by the agency last week, Rojas’ minimum length was not accepted as she used triple jump shoes, which are five millimeters longer, to achieve this.

In any case, the jumper would be a reference to a World Cup which, like many other things, would have suffered heavy casualties due to the invasion of Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic. On the one hand, no Russian athletes would compete, even those who were allowed to do so as neutrals, so the defending champions in the high jump and pole vault would be missing, i.e., maria lusitsken You Anjelica Sidorova, And on the other hand, after testing positive for Covid this week, the current 400m champion, the Bahamian, will not be there either. Steven GardinerOR Olympic Marathon Champion, Kenyan perez zepchirchiro, With all the athletes – and the coaches, and the judges, and the journalists… – gathered on the campus of the University of Oregon, the Eugene World Cup, the Nike World Cup, it feels like an entirely American World Cup, although the statues that other countries will come.

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