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The night was long for Lopetegui. LaLiga Santander 2021

Sevilla fell to Almería despite an early goal by Lever Torres, adding only one point in three league games.

Lever Torres (c) disputes the ball with igo Eguaras (d).EFE
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  • Pressure returns on Lopetegui Sevilla, ambition over sport

a lopetegui His credit runs at the top of Sevilla FC. defeat against A almeria Who made up the quality of his faults. With a small ball, but with a lot of goals, ruby They got Nervians in a problem. One point in nine is disputed for a club designed for anything more than suffering. [Narracin y estadsticas: 2-1]

With a desperate brother descended on the pitch of Sevilla Power Horse Stadium. As if you wanted to heal the wounds by pouring alcohol on them. goalkeeper ferdinand Avoid such immediate treatment. Before the first minute, he had already won lick it, In another field, seconds later, deeply concerned He replied with a magical save, just a brush of fingered gloves, a powerful and low shot. Akime, Just as Julen Lopetegui’s men were going great, Fernando once again displayed himself with a precise intervention followed by another shot by Lamela, this time from a pass. rafa miro, Sevilla shone, very vertical and swift on the counterattack, while Almera looked in the opposite field with a blinding blast of lukewarm property and attack. Sadiq,

Sadiq celebrates Almera’s winning goal.EFE

In the end, on the 30th minute, Nervian’s men managed to beat the Indian goalkeeper. a lateral and distant center of alex tells and a lively and accurate header from Jigar Torres, served to take advantage on the scoreboard. The celebration depicts anger, a sense of relief, of a team that wants to but can’t always. The redemption lasted for ten minutes. He who usually does not fail, is a failure. Fernando Reggs Cleaned the long ball badly. Almera was made from the ball. in bilge, reikiko I ain’t well off anymore nianzhou He lacked strength. Belgium Ramadan He stood in the field and painted the draw and killed Bono.


The second half began and Umar Sadiq took the win on Ayat. The Nigerian went in for the game alone. First with an endless slalom that was close to ending in a goal. Then, with a goal, a pass from robertoneWho set the stadium on fire. Lopetegui spit gum on the band. Your team breaks up. Sevilla’s patience has a limit. isco, Delaney You carmona He entered the field of play to reverse the situation. Trying to avoid disaster. Ruby looked at her men with satisfaction. His team stretched the opponent and boxed. They had more confidence, more enthusiasm and less fear.

n-nesiri You ocampos He was called. Everything for everyone in Lopetegui. The sum of talents to combat the lack of a plan. Almera defended the population, calmly, narrowing the band. with mendes You kiss, Ruby fixed her back. Twenty minutes remained, and Sevilla attacked with anger and impunity. Ramzani came very close to the end of the game, but Bono avoided the goal. A volley by Delaney in the 78th minute, which was driven off by the relentless Fernando, gave Nerviennes fans some encouragement. But once again there was sadness in their seats.

When even a draw doesn’t seem to be consoling, something is wrong with a team. Sevilla tried, but their football was unable to intimidate a very organized Almera. It was like doing gymnastics in a funnel. Static striker, ball to nothing, and a mature and serious endurance of Rosiblancos. Doesn’t understand soccer templates or features. Three Points who stay at home and a crisis are transported on a charter flight to Seville.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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