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The new regulations to know (now I know) when it is hand

The new regulations to know (now I know) when it is hand

Unintended arms are solely punishable if there’s a direct aim by the participant who had dedicated the hand offense.

Eder Militao, in an unnatural place, final season towards SevillaEFE
  • Why was Militao’s hand a penalty and never others? The place of the arm, the fuzzy idea of “interpretation”

The Technical Committee of Referees has reported on the brand new laws relevant within the 2021/22 season. The principle change happens in relation to unintentional arms, these which might be completely involuntary and unintentional.

Three kinds of conditions are analyzed:

  • If a participant unintentionally hits the ball together with his hand or arm and instantly scores, that aim shall be disallowed. This example was refereed in the identical method final season
  • If the ball, after unintentionally touching a participant’s hand or arm, is completed off by one other teammate and scores a aim, this shall be legitimate.
  • If, on account of an unintentional hand, a scoring or penalty likelihood is generated, the rally won’t be annulled. This case final season was a few violation, so it modifications.

The brand new wording of the Legal guidelines of the Recreation makes it clear that it is going to be an infringement when the hand and arm “are positioned in an unnatural way and make the body take up more space”. In accordance with the identical textual content “it will be considered that a player has managed to make his body occupy more space in an unnatural way when the position of his hand or arm is not a consequence of the movement of his body in that specific action or cannot be justified by said movement. By placing his hand or arm in this position, the player risks the ball hitting that part of his body and this constitutes an infringement “.

One other novelty of the Worldwide Board Legal guidelines of the Recreation is when figuring out the offside place. The brand new wording makes it clear that it is going to be “the upper limit of the arm coincides with the lower point of the armpit.” That’s, the shoulder can by no means be thought of as a part of figuring out offside.