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The moment of the Maria Vicente generation: “It is their turn and if not, it is their turn to bear the rain”

The heptathlete, along with childhood friends Sara Gallego and Jael Bestu, lead the group that must replace Spanish athletics at this European Championship. “They are a reflection of society: we left a complex, they are really European,” says Vicente’s coach Ramon Sid.

Sarah Gallego at the Eugene World Cup.RFEA
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Last year they already went on a trip together. Malta, its beaches, many, many sunsets, hitchhikers… This year the destination is different: the Munich European Championship. Mara Vicente, Sarah Gallego You gel bestu, Three women in their twenties, three lifelong friends, will be at the head of a revolution from today to Sunday. Spanish athletics, historically male, middle-distance and rural, tends to be different; Female, runner, hurdler, jumper or all together and cosmopolitan. The number of people called with that profile in a selection of 49 men and 40 women is astonishing. Since 2000, 11 girls have been born – only two to boys – and the figure rises to 16 if everyone under 23 is counted. This may sound like an anecdote, but it is not. It is the result of the work done with them as a purpose and, of course, of time.

“They are a reflection of society, of a generation to come. For example, we who grew up in a dictatorship, went out to compete in the 80s and did this with a complex, we thought the Germans were eight meters tall They move around the world as if it were their home, they are highly educated, they speak the language. They are really European”, analyzes ramen sidoMara Vicente, the former triple jumper, coached one of them, the Spanish coach between 2013 and 2018 and therefore, although he denies this, the pilot of the launch of all. When he was in charge of the Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), it allowed him to debut with a measure among the Majors: the minimum European sub-23.

In their time, it was easy for the youngsters to be called to the European Championships, a friendly entrance, and thus all three of them made their debuts in Berlin 2018. He was 17, it was great for him, he did relatively poorly, but he learned very quickly what he had to learn. “It would be foolish to think that this generation is my thing, all I have tried to do is try not to spoil it. This generation comes from schools, where the number of girls has tripled, and from the passion of many young trainers I’m glad to see them there, despite their youth: in this European they already have responsibilities and if they don’t work, they will bear the rain”, says Cid, on the other hand, Underscores how difficult it will be for them.

“We train better”

Vicente goes to the heptathlon (Wednesdays and Thursdays), where Eugene will be the same as the world championship, except for one, the American Anna Hall, Sarah Gallego (Friday) competes with Dutch dominance in the 400m hurdles femke bowl And there is a lot of similarity behind. And Gel Bestu is flying in the 100m (Tuesday), but leading the 4×100 relay (Sunday) at the top which stuns Eugene and wants to get up. The most anticipated medals belong to others, to asier martínez You Mo CutiroFor example, bronze in both World Cups, but the final grade depends on them.

“I don’t think our role has changed, but it’s true that it has created a much stronger group of women. That’s because we train better now, because we give feedback to each other and what we have.” Opportunities happen, as at least a sub-23″ explains Bestu, a medical student at the University of Barcelona and he is no exception: Gallego has just finished business administration and management at the Pompeau Fabra University in Barcelona and Vicente Duesto. Also studying business administration and marketing at the university. , She, Vicente, was the one who garnered the most attention in the formation due to her incredible accumulation of Spanish records in the following categories and her nearly infinite potential—she still believes whether to compete only in length or in 200 metres—. File Nike, Iberdrola or Kia and starred in commercials. Now all three seem to be on the same level of media attention, in the limelight, something that doesn’t bother them in the least.

“They are very cheeky and they know it is their turn. For example, Sarah is 21 and she looks 30. It is possible that in her youth she did not get as much pressure as Maria, who is at the same club was hers. [el ISS l’Hospitalet], but she was already in charge of demanding herself. The time has come for all three of them and they are no longer going to shrink.” lex codina, coach of Sara Gallego and coach of Spain at last year’s Under-23 European Championships where they all said goodbye to their formation. With Maria Vicente absent, Gallego and Bestu hung up the silver and pitted contemporaries who are also sprinters in this European carmen marco You Eva Santidinemarcher Ant Chamosa or even heptathlete Claudia Conte, He would then make his Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games and gradually reach adulthood. This European Championships in Munich is his moment. Have a nice trip, the three friends are looking for each other this summer.

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