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The massacre of the champion triggers the Levante drama. LaLiga Santander 2021

The massacre of the champion triggers the Levante drama.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Lisky’s team confirmed their relegation on a night where Vinicius scored a hat-trick and Benzema equaled Raal’s all-time record with 323 goals (6–0).

One of the definitions of Vinicius against Cardenas at the Bernabeu.AP

Pressure is like a chain that a professional soccer player drags on for a lifetime. You have to play with it. Always on the front lines on all fronts, Madrid have few opportunities to pull it off. а lot. This initial title has been awarded. The champion decided to take advantage of this and score half a dozen goals. Risks are taken without chains, things are tried and plays are embellished, but without chains nothing is achieved, only a game that serves to reinforce itself on the way to Paris . A viniciuswith them as a scorer hat-trick, A modrik You Benzema, like the leaders of this Madrid of that time. It was worse for those who suffered him, a Levante who arrived at the Bernabeu to try a handball and found himself in the middle of a tsunami. It is cruel to go in seconds like this. [Narracin y estadsticas (6-0)]

in the roadmap ancelotti He was reserving his main football players in the derby, lest the Metropolitano be a minefield, and row them in turn with his mind in the Champions League for the remainder of the league. Against Levante, Benzema and Vinicius appeared in the middle of the start, and Modric reiterated, that he doesn’t have a birthday, he doesn’t. The Croatian returned to a quick course against Levante, with long and short assists, outside mendy In the race for the first goal; to Vinicius, on the wall of the third, already Rodrigo, filtered down a corridor that no one sees until they see the ball passing through it. The fifth goal, Vinicius’ second, was also born from Modric’s shoe, before Benzema’s dance in the process.

Rodrigo was able to add another to one Vaseline, but it all came off. Rodrigo has a gift, and to understand where the ball will go, in the first and second games as well. This was the specialty RAL, Whether he is a starter or not, he is a prominent footballer in this Madrid, player number 12.

a tireless traveler

Croatian was with valverde You camavinga, Levante’s goals and two frees as pain turned midfield into a Gruyer thing, especially in the second half. Camavinga felt good again as a pivot. ah ancelotti need it because there is no double casemiro, He must improve his concentration, because there are mistakes nearby that can be tragic. Not tomorrow, of course. Instead, he is a tireless dog, especially when going to the ground for a cut.

Valverde, for his part, found the depth that highlights his body and his shot on arrival. Cardenas and the crossbar, twice, denied him the prize for the goal. He had a game. enough.

need protection danceas central, with vallejo, in a better tone than expected, given its passivity. The opposition they faced was rare, as the goals affected Levante in such a way that it destroyed their morale at the same time as their lives as the first team.

44 goals from ‘nine’

Morales He pretended right from the start, but he was wrong in his judgment. There was hardly more. one shot from the commander and another from Huhalready in the second half, which I answered on your site courtois, good job of lisi To save a club which is not given more than a coach is lost. with the departure of paco lopez, Very difficult to absorb two more variations on the bench.

A flurry of goals, four already on the break, were restrained to return to the ground, although the other two reached to complete hat-trick Vinicius, who closed the account in personal action. This was the moment not only to give minutes to the players Gila either Peter Frederickin addition to the following marianoBut to pay tribute, one more, to Benzema and Modric as they left the field.

The Frenchman achieved his goal to equal 323 as a Madridist. RAL, It was the second in the series for whites in the match, hunting like a center nine Whoever strikes the ball does not wait for it. In a season that hasn’t ended, already has 44 goals, not far from the number so far. Christian You Messi, This is his era.

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