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The lost greatness of Manchester United

One of the legends of English football sees his signings in his dreams, his champions in the Europa League and disappointments

Erik ten Haag on his United debutAP

Wilf McGuinness was the first known case of ‘Matt Busby syndrome’, a disease that affected coaches on the bench Man Utd After myth. The Scotsman cut the board but remained within the club, and for either George Best or Bobby Charlton, who were European champions with him, he was still in charge. That was the mistake Sir Alex Ferguson tried to avoid, but nine years later The club has not received the goodbyes of the other great Scottish legend. No trace of direction, no trace of greatness.

Ferguson is sacked in 2013 The lifting of the Premier League champions title, a familiar sight at Old Trafford. Koch won 13 of the 21 he played, and never fell below third place. The board has turned upside down since his departure: United have finished in the top three in only three of these nine seasons. The balance (a Europa League, an FA Cup, a League Cup and a Community Shield) is pitiful for a club that Scott had once again turned a giant.

most repeated diagnosis He points to the box. For the Glazers, whose ownership divides fans, and Ed Woodward, who helped them take control of the club and has been its sports director for the past decade. In that time, United have been the fifth team to have spent the most (over 1,400 million euros) in Europe and have the worst transfer account balance (-1,000 million). A mountain of money to build one mediocre team after another.

Among the signs that didn’t work (Di Maria, Alexis Sanchez); signs where he is overweight need old memories (Cristiano Ronaldo, Pogba); Old Glories (Schweinsteiger); Players who had no place in a club of that stature (Zaha, Schneiderlin, Marcos Rojo), Manchester United have been diluted. If there was anything less encouraging than the team’s debut against Brighton, it was the rumors of an alleged interest in Rabiot the next day.

a club without direction

The most obvious symptom of the lack of direction that United suffer is on the bench, where they have already been passed. eight coaches From Ferguson Outlet. Previously, David Moyes was signed to a six-year contract and was fired without completing the first. After a life at Everton, the shoes of his compatriots were huge.

came to pay louis van gaal and Jose Mourinho. Megalomaniac coaches, for whom nothing is too big in their eyes, with very marked views, but in opposition to each other. Larch that does not bear fruit. They finished second with the Portuguese, but a considerable distance from Manchester City. He made practical (and limited) attempts with Solskjaer and ‘risky’ with Rangnik.

so until you reach Eric Ten Hago, who this weekend saw firsthand the size of his further work. An average defense, a flat midfield, an attack without more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo, 38 years old and rebellious to find a way out.

“We have a lot of work to do”Recruited the coach after a 1-2 loss to Brighton at Old Trafford, a stadium where every move is a reminder of the vast legacy they have failed to fulfill. The easiest way to get to the stadium from the north is via Sir Alex Ferguson. Once inside, in front of the bench, is Sir Alex Ferguson’s stand. In addition to perhaps a street and a grandstand, the Scotsman also ends up giving his name. another syndrome of Manchester United.

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