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The league is taken advantage of: financial suffocation slows the market and Barra is unable to register his signatures. LaLiga Santander 2021

24 hours before his debut in the league, Laporta is yet to sign the $100 million-plus asset sale he needs to expand his squad

Lewandowski, Barra’s star signing, with the Joan Gamper tournament’s best player trophy.PAU DrillAFP

Hours before the start of the 22/23 league season, almost a quarter of the signings made by Spanish clubs were unregistered. These include all the people of Bara, the animator of the market. What an anecdote may be, it is nothing but a reflection financial difficulties Which drags Spanish football without fully recovering from the damages of the pandemic, and above all, the transformation of a market that no longer feeds accounts with commuting and that keeps managers on edge until the last second. Clubs have hung a phrase in their offices: ‘Exit before you enter’. He has taken advantage of himself to seek income and balance his debts, as in Bara’s case, subject to financial stress, the latter facing operations. league Look under your strict pay cap magnifying glass to ensure business stability.

the audacity of laporta This has led him to avoid suffocation by selling resources that he can later compensate with those who attract the success of the game, but first he has to be able to register all his signatures. 24 hours after his debut, he can’t. It has sold assets worth 618 million to balance losses and be able to cope with five contracts, but it needs 100 more from the sale of another 24.5%. Bara Studio and releases between 20 and 30 million pay scale in sales or salary deduction. None of this has come to light. Laporta had difficulty activating the fourth lever last night lewandowski, kounde, rafinha, How You ChristensenIn addition to refurbishment, fits into your fair play, The bosses, headed by Tebas, will leave nothing. Neither Bara nor anyone else.

in his economic-financial report In the 20/21 season, the last time to be fully audited, he admitted that his accounts had suffered. LaLiga had not done any damage since 2012 and this past whole year it posted 892 million And its income has decreased by more than 1,000 million. These figures are nothing more than a reflection of the number of his associates. Only 12 teams between first and second ended up with accounting gains. And one, Barcelona, ​​became a real ballast. 60% of the contest’s losses were attributable to the 481 million that Blagrana was pulling.

Despite this balance, Bara has been the main protagonist of a market that has contracted COVID and is yet to recover. The club went on to exceed 1,000 million in sales and several other purchases to a figure that barely reaches half that and marks the lowest record of the past six seasons. This reason and the reason for the salary obligations and amortization which he dragged, is reflected in the strict fair play Due to LaLiga’s financial control, the clubs have become conservative.

No one has the ability to increase their debt to buy players and earning income is complicated. The economic situation does not allow an increase in subscriptions, sponsorship growth has slowed and television rights have ceased to multiply. To this we must also add that the advent of CVC hardly reflects the ability to thicken templates. It is a commitment to strengthen the structure to generate ordinary income outside sports cars, as they are still stable.

don’t buy without selling

Clubs buy enough until they sell out. The free player has become a coveted piece in a market in which offers for stars are scarce. All Sevilla handed them over and Betis (who failed to register) or Valencia trusted them. Atletico have proceeded carefully so as not to increase their salary bill (very much conditioned by Griezmann, Morata or Sal) and Real Madrid and Barra have avoided the whole equation for different reasons.

Whites have met their needs rudiger and investment chauameniWhich is well within their salary range despite being the most expensive signature.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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