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The Last Dance of Mike Krzyzewski, the Army Captain Who Became the Greatest Coach of All Time

Legendary coach Kay, architect of the rebirth of the USA team, says goodbye to basketball after 42 years at Duke. Want to win my 6th Final Four

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The boy was raised in the humble Ukrainian village of Chicago, where his grandparents had moved from Galicia, when he was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and whose parents never wanted him to learn Polish so that It should not be conditioned by pronunciation, it has become a legend. with the permission of John WoodenAs the greatest college basketball coach in history. Mike Krzyzewskior coach ku (he hates when his interlocutor doesn’t know how to pronounce his last name well), which in type lebron james Thought he did “all the reasons we are proud to be Americans”, this weekend marks the culmination of an irresistible race.

The 13th Final Four will play alongside legendary coach Duke in his quest for his sixth title, in front of 73,000 spectators at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. The coach’s last lesson, landing on the Durham bench 42 years ago, during which he has imparted the military discipline he learned at West Point and the tactical intelligence he inherited. Bobby Knighthis guru.

“I don’t see myself as a basketball coach. I see myself as a leader who happens to be a basketball coach.” This is one of his great phrases, through which he is building his fame as a guru on the basis of his successes. Because Coach Kay’s dimension is based on the time he declined offers to coach NBA teams and was swift thanks to his journey through the USA team, which he lost identity with and with whom he spent 11 years. Lost only one game in the 2006 World Cup semi-final against Greece. Along the way, received three Olympic golds, two World Championships and honors.

Like many times, there is a mystery behind everything that follows in Genesis. In the efforts of their parents, children of immigrants, so that their offspring can have a dignified American life. Even pushed him into a military career. her dad, bill cross, ran an elevator in the center of Chicago’s Willoughby Tower, and later a bar called Cross Tap. He died in his youth during his son’s senior year at West Point.

bob knight

Mike left the academy with the rank of captain and a passion for basketball running through his veins. There he played as a point guard under Bob Knight, which soon filled the paternal void. And there he debuted as a coach from 1975 to 1980, before landing in his forever home of the Blue Devils. “Discipline is doing what you should be doing in the best possible way when you are supposed to do it”, some of his famous students have heard (Grant Hill, Chrisitan Laettner, Elton Brand or still active Kyrie Irving, Jason Tatum, Zion Williamson…): 16 of them were chosen from the first three places in the draft. His Last Great Pearl is Italian-American paolo bancheroWith which he will face the last of his challenges, and perhaps the most morbid, semi-final against neighboring North Carolina, the ‘Battle of the Tobacco Road’, one of the greatest rivalries in American sports.

With ‘The Most Hated Team in America’, Coach is monopolizing qualifications while growing his checking account. Near Jim Calhoun, is the only NCAA coach to have won the title in three different decades (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010 and 2015). And he was the first to achieve more than 1,000 victories. His intelligence and his meticulous respect for an opponent were also added to his sometimes voluptuous character. He also smashed chairs and blackboards against the parquet, like Bob Knight. He has made his young pupils cry—remembered when he shouted at them at a dead time: “Your fucking faces suck”—with his fights, which have a lot to do with his time in the military.

Together with Harden at the World Cup in Spain.

Just as shortly before the London Games, he took Team USA to Arlington National Cemetery, where soldiers from all America’s wars rested. “I will never forget that day,” he said. Kevin Durant, Impressed at the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Before the World Cup in Japan, he also stayed with his players at a Korean military base.

Coach K had a bitter prelude to his goodbyes. On March 6, North Carolina ruined their last game in Durham, at the packed Cameron Indoor Stadium, despite ticket prices reaching $5,000. Amidst heartfelt tributes, Duke lost against his nearest rival, the same one who is now on his way to the Finals, a match that has never been played in the Final Four (Kansas and Villanova play the second semifinal this Saturday). “There’s been a lot of talk about my departure throughout the year. It’s been great for my players,” he admitted after apologizing repeatedly. “It’s an honor to have all those records. We’ve won a lot of games. But the ‘Final Four’ is the biggest thing, now we have it.” At age 75 (he has 10 grandchildren), a film awaits The End Technician, which, as Laettner has defined, “was intense, it was soft, it was hard, all at the same time. “

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