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The last and promised dance of Marc Gasol: he will play for Bàsquet Girona, the club he presides

The last and promised dance of Marc Gasol: he will play for Bàsquet Girona, the club he presides

About to turn 37, the pivot, who had not played since the Olympic Games, extends his career in the team that he re-founded a few years ago, in the second category of Spanish basketball

Marc Gasol, during the last Tokyo Games.FIBA
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Almost four months after his last game with the Spanish team, the quarterfinal of the Olympic Games against the USA Team, and seven since he said goodbye to the NBA and the Lakers in the past playoffs, Marc Gasol You have made up your mind about your future. At 36 years old, 37 in January, he still does not hang up his shirt like his brother Pau did. His last dance, as promised, will be the one that comes directly from his heart, at Bàsquet Girona, the club he presides over.

This was announced this Thursday from Fontajau, where he has cleared all the unknowns. “I’m very excited,” he said, already wearing his new shirt with the number 33 on his back and with the music of Pau Donés as the background for your presentation to local fans.

Since Saitama and that exciting farewell of the Gasol brothers to Spain, Marc had remained in uncertainty, ‘playing’ on social networks with the figure of Captain Haddock from Tintin. Weighing up withdrawal and calls of interest from your friend Juan Carlos Navarro for Barça, but also listening to the NBA proposals – after being released by the Grizzlies and being the master of his own destiny – and, of course, the desire to say goodbye from the club that re-floated and that had previously been the great springboard of his career. Dedicating himself fully to Julià and Lucas, his children. And without ruling out anything.

A few weeks ago, in a YouTube program (Beer time), he already confessed that he was trying to get physically ready, to resume basketball. “Now I have to train and see what I’m going to do. I’m at the point of seeing how far I can see myself and see what I want to do when I’m at the optimum point.” Finally, it will be in Girona, in LEB Oro, where he will be a player again.

A special place for him. There, in 2006, back from Japan with his first World Cup under his arm, and after a bad time at Barça de Dusko Ivanovic, Akasvayu Girona was going to mark his journey to stardom (ACB MVP) and, shortly after, to the NBA.

Debut on December 3

After the collapse of the megaproject of the real estate, through which posed players such as Fran Vázquez, Fernando San Emeterio or Germán Gabriel, Marc refloated the club in the Catalan city in 2014. First, creating the Marc Gasol Basketball School, where he was involved in a re-founding project in which the key was the foundations, training basketball. Until three years later there was no senior team, which started at EBA and is already knocking on the doors of the ACB from the LEB Oro.

Although, at the moment, it is not being a great season for the Girona, who a couple of weeks ago, after their sixth consecutive defeat, they fired their coach, Carles marco. He was fired by Marc himself, president -Pau, vice president, also considering playing for Girona before signing with Barça-, who will now be a luxury reinforcement in Fontajau. In addition to his sports incorporation, he must also decide who is Marco’s replacement. Last weekend was Jordi Sargatal who sat on an interim basis, although he could not avoid the seventh defeat of the course, despite forcing the extension in San Sebastián.

“If all goes well, on the 3rd I will be able to make my debut,” said Marc about the match next day, in which Girona host Peñas Huesca in Fontajau. The second in national basketball has illustrious teams such as Movistar Estudiantes (leader), squares of such tradition and tradition such as Cáceres, Granada, Alicante San Sebastián, but also in remote towns such as Almansa, Azpeitia or El Prat de Llobregat.

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