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The joy of Joao Flix is ​​the joy of Atletico. LaLiga Santander 2021

The doubles of the Portuguese and Luis Suarez to defeat the Alavés team that came to a draw in Metropolitano. Jiménez’s injury resulted in his sixth consecutive win in the league for the Rosiblancos.

Joao Flix celebrates one of his two goals against Alavs.Manuel FernandezAP
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For a few moments Diego Pablo Simeone forgot about football. Her gleaming gaze went to Metropolitano’s video scoreboard, where her father, Carlos, hugged her on that unforgettable afternoon on the grass of Camp Nou in 2014, who had just won its first league. It was only seconds in which his head deflected from the game that his Atlético again plunged into an illusion that had been lost two months earlier. When the referee signaled the end, on an unexpectedly cold night in April, the Argentine coach set out in search of the locker room, remembering all the things his old man had given him during his life. It was the sixth consecutive victory for the team that managed to get things back on track in time despite the efforts of the bonfire. Despite being distracted by the whispers of Europe.

Joao Flix thought as ever, the night could be a little easier. To do this, a remote-controlled center of vrsaljko, determined to prolong its history in Madrid. The Croatian, back to the right, unbuttoned his boot as usual and discovered the Portuguese in the middle of a semi-desert region of Vitoria, ever since watchmanThe executioner, red and white in the first round, had disappeared from view. For this reason, although Joo, who has scored six goals in the last six league games, was the performer, Rosiblancos looked for Sim, who has experienced all kinds of things this season.

It was a very difficult first part, despite the fact that the referee thought it necessary to add only two minutes. A preliminary round in which Atlético tried to contain the pressure of a bonfire, with another phenomenal midfield, which had the stamp of petitioner, This course, as long as the body has permitted it, condogbia Has proved worthy of a corner in the engine room. with last night Blacksmith injured and coke Accepted, even more. It is not only the broom with which he mows the grass he walks on, but it is also the courage to break lines with the shipment that has already brought more than one joy to his team.

blow of escalante

Joao’s goal discouraged neither the bonfire nor the Atletico. For more than an hour, the two spent the night on the thin rope that separates happiness from despair. And the disappointment, well, met the metropolis when to climb, neglected by the local defense, led the equalizer. After the break Basque took a gear up and Rosiblancos lost his mind elsewhere, a script traced almost the same to what he had experienced against the CDZ weeks earlier. didn’t hurt much oblak Until then, but there are nights that the devil takes over.

But Atletico still had dynamite on the bench. louis suarez Was already in green at the time of slap alav, but not like that where, who returned after a month and a half due to injury. On his first attempt in the field, seconds after entering the field, the Brazilian striker took a penalty from lejeuneUnder the nose of the referee. and there he stood suarezTo settle doubts, forgotten in this rojiblanco resurrection. After a while, Joao explodes like a bolt of lightning to finish his job. Suárez will still have a second exercise for his redemption. will not complete the duel Gimenez, who was injured at the last minute. It was the bitterest taste.

At the sound of the trumpet, Atlético placed sixth, heading towards Manchester’s toughest corner. When everything is going well in the house, everything becomes easy there.

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