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The Italian Marcell Jacobs, new king of the 100 meters: his story is the story of his mother

The Italian Marcell Jacobs, new king of the 100 meters: his story is the story of his mother

The son of an American military man, his mother raised him alone since he was a baby and took him to athletics to keep him away from motocross.

Jacobs celebrates after the final.AP
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“I met Marcell’s father at [la base militar de] Vicenza. He was a soldier in the US Army, I was 16, he was 18. We got married and moved to Texas. Three years later Marcell was born, but 20 days later his father was transferred to South Korea and I was unable to follow him. I decided to go home to Italy. Marcell was not even a month old. Then my challenge was born. I was a young mother with a child to raise and the good thing is that through him, Marcell, I had the opportunity to live a new life. ”

The story of Marcell jacobs is the story of his mother, Viviana Masini, who a few months ago spoke with Il Corriere. The new king of speed, the successor of Usain bolt, the man who this Sunday in the final of the 100 meters returned to Europe a title that he has not owned since the British Allan wells in 1980, he is who he is thanks to Masini. He’s even a sprinter thanks to her. A motorcycling lover since he was a child, Jacobs wanted to give gas, he wanted to try the motocross that his coughs already practiced, but his mother was horrified and that is why he signed up for all the sports that exist. Swimming, basketball … there was no way he was hooked on anything until he tried running. Well, more than running, flying. And he liked that. Without the need for an engine, I was going really fast and thus ended up at the command of Gianni Lombardi, to his coach today.

“When I met him, I saw that he was a very happy guy, very joking, but very cold in the race. He has always withstood the pressure well. What surprised me most about his technique was his motor intelligence: not only does he learn very fast, he is also capable of anticipating those technical concepts that I am going to teach him. A few years ago, when he saw him, Carl Lewis wanted to meet him, “Lombardi himself acknowledged about the champion who this Sunday defeated the favorites: the American Fred kerley it was silver and the canadian Andr De Grasse it was bronze.

Until this Sunday his greatest success had been gold in the last indoor European Championship and until these Games his best mark was 9.95 seconds. Now he is an Olympic champion with an exceptional time of 9.80 seconds. And all thanks to his mother.