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The “institutional respect” that referees ask for victims’ claims: gay, four-game sanctions

TAD confirms the conviction of the Valencia captain for commenting on the referee in a match last season. Cucho Hernández is the only precedent with Getafe in 2020 and the list of unapproved files includes Coman, Pique, Pellegrini or Iago Aspas.

Valencia’s captain, José Luis Gay, was held by Alderette in a duel the previous season.EFE

Spanish Federationupon your request referee technical committee (CTA), it was proposed that the referee’s figure be questioned after each game without players or coaches being able to assess their own decisions. “Institutional honours”, the CTA president called it last Tuesday, Luis Medina Cantalejo, And there is a provision of punishment for doing so. you know well jose luis gayWho was banned by the Competition Committee for four matches. Court of Arbitration for Sports (TAD) confirmed yesterday. The Valencia captain will not be able to debut in the league until 10 September. A loss for Gattuso and a further complication in his intention to be on the list luis enrique For the World Cup in Qatar.

The Contest informed Valencia on 25 June that, after the Integrity Complaint, Article 100 bis disciplinary code on behalf of the RFEF and sanctioned him with a four-game suspension and a fine of 601-euro, as the regulation states, “subject to sports discipline of statements made by any person by any means through which any Member’s honesty and fairness to arbitration groups or RFEF bodies as well as statements that disapprove of the activity of any member of the above groups when they are treated with contempt or when using offensive, abusive, abusive or offensive language is used. vulgar”.

The statements for which Gay has been punished were made about the penalty not indicated by Melero López after the defeat against Osasuna (1–2) at Mestalla on 16 April: “The referee has seen it and Don’t want to call it. We’ll fight against it. Everything and go on. You can’t say anything because they give you a yellow card like me in the end. They do what they want.”

The competition valued the footballer’s words and, despite the allegations, approved him, a criterion that did not change on appeal and caused Valencia to resort to TAD, which took a month to decide, without accepting the injunction. took longer than that he should have served the punishment and angered Valencia.

In a statement of support for its captain, the club expressed its “deep outrage at the irregular and unreasonable acceptance” and “highlighted the apparent comparative guilt with respect to other matters that are similar or even comparable to homosexual.” was not sanctioned with harsh demonstrations. Or, if they were, the sanction was rescinded”.

just an example

This is not the first time that a file has been opened on players or coaches for statements outside the playing field, but there is only one case in which they have not been raised. In December 2020, Getafe players kucho hernandez He added that Gil Manzano received the same punishment for not paying a fine and accusing him of “outrageous”, “threatening from the first minute”. The Azulán team, then coached by Bordels, did not file an appeal since the Colombian was injured.

However, there are many more cases in which files have been opened that are being archived. was the last ego around What is the significance of the three penalties as stated by González Fuertes at Celta-Real Madrid (1-2): “He just had to blow one more whistle [penalti] To throw Pablo ([el rbitro], It looked like he was looking for a hat-trick from Benzema.”The allegations of the Galician Club were accepted by the competition and the acceptance motion was buried.

so were Gerard Pickthat a. in chat with youtuber ensured that “85% [de los rbitros] He is from Madrid. How are they not whistling in Madrid’s favour? Even inadvertently, how would they not throw more than one side of the other?” In this case, the statements are framed “without questioning the honesty or fairness of the legitimate exercise of the constitutional right to free expression”. ref. ” was understood. the same fate followed them Ronald Komen Barra after his first Clasico on the bench.

Acceptance offer yes the former was for Betis Target joel and to Manuel Pellegrini De Burgos to complain after Bengoechia’s arbitration and VAR decisions at Betis-Real Madrid, but the coach again appealed for freedom of expression.

Freedom of Expression vs. Accusation

It was more difficult for former Cadiz coach to escape punishment lavaro cervera, who had to reach TAD after assessing the mediation of Alberola Rojas in the duel against Granada. “With regard to fines, I think it’s a question I’m going to answer, but there’s no need because everyone has seen it, there’s only one person, or three, because down there is one and two.” Above are those who haven’t seen, I just saw it because they taught it to me and there’s no explanation except don’t want to whistle it, no, no, there’s no other explanation”.

The TAD held that the ban imposed was “based on a subjective judgment about the intention of the appellant not based on the literalness of the words used. Therefore, there is a reasonable doubt (…) in the intent of the statements made. It has been added that, by effecting the limits of freedom of expression, restrictive interpretation of the said limits should be above all because the demonstrations fall on matters of public interest.

Valencia based part of his appeal on comparisons with the technician’s case, as he was the only one who came to TAD, and called for freedom of expression. However, as EL MUNDO learned, the court sees in the player’s expressions a characteristic for a deliberate, thrifty and partial action for the referee, which he repeats on several occasions and which calls into question his objectivity and honesty, which he believes. are not protected by the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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