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The inside story of the “false” passport that left Spain without the Rugby World Cup

The inside story of the "false" passport that left Spain without the Rugby World Cup

The International Federation has decided that Gavin van den Berg does not meet the requirements to play with the Spanish team, which loses the points earned in the two matches played by Paillier.

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  • Sanctions Spain out of 2023 World Cup due to improper alignment of a player

Full match not played Gavin Van Denenberg with him spanish rugby team, But the minutes of his game in the second half of the two matches, with the scores already settled, highlight the lack of professionalism of the structure of the game in our country. International Federation left lion The improper alignment of this led to the 2023 World Cup without the place they won piler Born in South Africa. They lose those two wins and the points added up by the classification.

Van den Burgh’s Spanish adventure began in the summer of 2018, when he joined the Burgos Surveyor. Controversy in all two seasons, the other interrupted by the pandemic. When he later signed for Alcobendas Rugby, he commented that at the Madrid club, who is one of the greats, he would have more chances to reach the national team. Sad foreboding words.

It was in the autumn of 2021 when the Madrid club submitted documents to prevent the striker from occupying an overseas position., Having spent more than three years in Spain, he could take advantage of assimilation by residence. But in that requirement, for the international union, is the small print: “It is likely that at least ten months of physical presence in the country would be required.”

Van den Berg’s Summers entered the scene. Chances are, between one season and the next, he may have spent more than two months outside our borders. It was revealed from Alcobendas that he had lost his passport. Without that official document, the Spanish Federation obtained the request from the Madrid club and approved it. Van den Berg no longer held a position as a foreigner, he became eligible. Santiago Santos joined him in some training sessions. He was not a regular starter or substitute, appearing only at the end of two games he won against the weakest opponent in the qualifying group, the Netherlands.

Reported by Instagram

The documents provided are what the Spanish Federation defines as “alleged forgery of passports”., And what did not appear was shown in other forums. In February 2022, a Russian media outlet warned that van den Berg would be out of Spain for at least three months in the summer of 2019. His trips to European capitals on those dates disappeared from the player’s Instagram account.

Although the Spanish Federation has not yet clarified who committed this “alleged forgery”, it is clear that it points to Alcobendas Rugby. The club, in turn, distances itself from the deception and points out several members – who may have already recognized it – to whom they solicit “responsibility”. In fact, no one warned the federation of the risk involved in a player’s international debut.

Because, parallel to the victory of lionThe Russian rumor became an official condemnation of Romania, the team that now beat Spain to make it to the World Cup. The other beneficiary is Portugal, which will play the playoffs. And our country, to the bench. To the game and to the accused.

from the last

The Spanish Federation has accused the international that he has been the first victim. No doubt I acted in good faith. But it is incomprehensible that when others saw it on social networks they did not detect the irregularity, The replay weighs in against Spain. The scandal that began four years ago as a result of Iordachescu’s biased arbitration ended with sanctions for improper alignment of the two players. Our team did not have the option of going to Japan 2019. And since then there have been doubts and incidents about the qualifications of some players.

Spanish rugby is now facing slander and internal quake from abroad, as other teams suffer irregularities in domestic competitions. The Federation declared “an extraordinary disciplinary procedure” that would certainly punish Alcobendas.

Reputation problems and difficulties in attracting money and players to slip into offices can be added. “I only hope that the guilty pay for thwarting our dream, for which we fought and sacrificed so much,” Victor Schenz, one of the team’s veterans, said. The pain of the fans is also unbearable. Bitter celebrations, buying tickets for not getting tickets, the illusion turned into a nightmare for the second time in four years.

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