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The Incredible Story of Lucia Harris, the Only Woman to Be Crafted in the NBA

The Incredible Story of Lucia Harris, the Only Woman to Be Crafted in the NBA

This year’s Oscar winners for Best Short, a documentary produced by Shaquille O’Neill and Stephen Curry, tells the story of this pioneer. Formed by Jazz in 1977, she refused to try.

Lucia Harris, in her last season.Delta State University

I wanted to keep playing, but I had nowhere to go. In my days I couldn’t play in the WNBA because it didn’t exist. my high school boyfriend GeorgeHe asked me to marry him and I accepted. There are different forms of mental illness. I have bipolar disorder. It didn’t show until I stopped playing. Just then the phone rang and someone from New Orleans Jazz asked me. He told me, ‘We want you to come and try with the team. I had already decided to start a family, I thought it was a publicity stunt and felt I was not prepared enough. Competition against women, s. But competing against men is another story. I said no. I said no to the NBA.

this is how the story ends Lucia HarrisThe only woman drafted by an NBA team to have been honored at the last Oscar: the story of her life, queen of basketballthe director ben proudfoot and created by stars like Shaquille O’neal You Stephen Curry, won the award for Best Documentary Short. A few months after his death, Harris recognized that he had never enjoyed life, because despite his successes, such as the three varsity titles he won for a team that came from Delta State, he could barely Was known.

Not many people had heard of him. In fact, when we show documentaries there are still too many raised eyebrows and too many wide-set eyes. The question is, why was this not known before? I have no answer. i guess because i stopped playing young [a los 22 aos] And because she was an African-American woman from Mississippi, Proudfoot noted on the NBA website after her second consecutive Oscar ceremony: The director was already nominated for Best Short Documentary for A Concerto Is a Conversation in 2021 .

Harris’s story

Harris was born in 1955 in Mr City, Mississippi, southern United States, to a humble family, a cotton picker who owned two precious possessions: a basket that attracted all the children in the town and a television. He practiced during the day and at night, the future player saw Wilt ChamberlinA Kareem Abdul-Jabbari and most of all Oscar Robertson, his favorite, with which he learned to throw by pure mimicry. Her first success was taking her small high school, Amanda Elzee High School, to the national finals, and then, after she went to college, she completely blew it. In four years, he accumulated an average of 26 points and 14 rebounds. He was called to the United States to play in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, where he won a silver medal after losing to the USSR and that’s it.

In 1977 he announced his retirement as he had already graduated and had no professional league – the WNBA was created 20 years later, in 1997. New Orleans Jazz Pete Maravicho He was selected in the seventh round, but refused to try. She became a coach and later returned to her high school as a teacher. Although in 1992 she was the first woman to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, gradually, year after year, her achievements were forgotten and on January 18, shortly before her Oscar for a short documentary about her life Harris passed away. A mental health center in Mississippi.

I have fond memories of when I played basketball. But I don’t regret not going to the NBA even once. Do you know why? Christopher is a lawyer. Eddie has a master’s degree. Christina has a doctorate. Crystal too, at my college, Delta State. They are all good athletes. Recently he, my children said to me: ‘Mom, we didn’t know you were a star.’ And I replied: ‘Yes, I had good days’. That’s enough for me. If I were a man, there were options for me, I could continue to play. Of course I would have won more money, I could have done a lot more… Yes, the players of my time were already millionaires and famous, but I wanted to play more.

A few years before Harris, another woman, Dennis Long, was drafted but his selection was rescinded by the NBA. a few years later, ann meyers She went on to sign a contract and train with the Indiana Pacers, but was never selected. Thus the case of Harris remained an exception, a forgotten exception until it was saved by an Oscar documentary.

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