Home Sport The Hmong story of Sunissa Lee and her stepfather John, Biles’ heir

The Hmong story of Sunissa Lee and her stepfather John, Biles’ heir

The Hmong story of Sunissa Lee and her stepfather John, Biles' heir

The American beats the entire competition thanks to an excellent practice on the uneven bars, while his partner watches him frozen in the stands

Sunissa Lee with a gold medal this Thursday.Martin BureauAFP
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Despite the heat in Tokyo, it was very cold at the Ariake Gymnastics Center, because cold Simone Biles I was not in competition and without the flames of history, reality unfolded at a lower temperature. The organization of the Tokyo Games likes to make the maximum demand from air conditioning and in the past it was not noticeable, the events were heating up, but yesterday you had to find a jacket, even two. Biles himself appeared in the pavilion to watch the entire competition and pretended to tremble with his partner and friend with his hands in his sweatshirt pockets. jordan chilis. There was a certain commotion upon his arrival, the technicians in the stand applauded and they looked for cameras and photographers, but after a few minutes the scratches came.

And with it, silence. Said to be one of the brightest moments of these games, Everywhere It was played in the more typical environment of a training session. Russian technicians could be heard from the press to give their instructions, with a resounding voice and only the music of the exercise was introduced: now a machine version of it. bella ciao, now an orchestral version of your size Of Ed Sheeran… only when the best, American Sunissa Lee You jade carey -Kal Biles’s Substitute-, Russians vladislava urazova You Angelina MakinovBrazilian AO Rebecca Andrade, He played the podium, there was a certain tension. In the last trick the medals were decided and every mortal, every welcome counted.

Without Biles, but also without your very close friend Aly Raisman and without Russian Alia MustafinaThat is, without the podium residents at the RO 2016 Games, Glory swam around the other gymnasts and Sunisa Lee held her tight. Right in Tuesday’s team competition, Biles’ replacement succeeded him as the champion of everything, and the equipment remains to be known whether sooner or later he will reach his weight in gymnastics and in the media. That would be weird. Lee is an expert in the uneven bars, an instrument that is more technical and difficult for the masses than the horse or the ground, and his acrobatics don’t border on the supernatural like that of Biles. She is very young, 18 years old, and she is an excellent gymnast, of course, but Biles is Biles. However, Lee also has an interesting story.

with hmong roots

A nomadic people from South Asia with Hmong roots, her parents immigrated to the United States with children from Laos and died when Sunisa was two years old. yew thoji was a single mother till she joined him john lee And both raised the new champion to the extent that she was, as a teenager, deciding to take her stepfather’s last name. John watched him do gymnastics before diving into the pool and John accompanied him to all competitions until two years ago, due to a bad fall on some stairs, he froze. Since then, Sunissa Lee calls John on FaceTime before heading out to compete and he tries to reassure him: “You don’t do this to your friends, you don’t do this to the Hmong community. That should be your only goal.”

They also spoke yesterday, Sunisa Lee confessed that in the mixed zone, she already had gold around her neck, asked to change her jacket to combat the cold. It was his big moment and he enjoyed it, but then I saw how the attention was elsewhere. “For the equipment to compete with Simone Biles in the final? At least to be on the floor?”, United States journalists asked the people responsible for USA Gymnastics and no one called the “daily test”. Has not issued any vows other than which she passes by. Bile. For some, his attitude in the stands yesterday, too restrained, never standing up, never shouting, limiting his celebration to a few simple applause, was a sign of his restlessness and his inability to compete in a matter of hours, i.e. Sunday (fall and uneven bars), Monday (ground) and Tuesday (balance beam). For others, none of this.

Even after several questions, Lee was questioned whether he had spoken with Biles and about his possible return to competition in Tokyo. “Simone is an example to me, I admire her every day of my life. She inspires me not only as a gymnast but also as an athlete, as she has shown these days. I love her Hoon,” Poorna’s new champion was declared the best of the competition and she went into the changing room. It was cold at the Ariake Gymnastics Center, very cold, gymnastics without Biles is already stretching.