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The hands of ‘baby’ Unai Aguirre, the “key” to gold in Spain and the future of water polo

The 19-year-old goalkeeper, chosen as the tournament’s best goalkeeper, described the team’s victory: “Having a majority (8 out of 13) for Barcelona is part of our identity.”

Unai Aguirre before the release of an Italian player.tamas vasvariEFE
  • long term Spain reigns again in water polo after 21 years

In Unai Aguirre presents a summary of the last two decades of spanish water polo, the goalkeeper athletic barcelona My birth 14 July 2002almost before 20 yearsand their 19, entering his twenties, is the youngest player on the Spanish team. he was born exactly a year later Fukuoka World Cup (Japan) 2001The last pool that saw the national team win, and this Sunday, in Budapestsanctified himself as best goalkeeper A tournament that has once again crowned Spain. third world cup Our history rests in their hands, the key in the qualifiers and the penalty shootout in the final against Italy. I didn’t sleep at all it’s been chaotic, But we have measured up and we have fulfilled what we promised in Barcelona, ​​he confessed to EL Mundo.

With Barcelona he refers European of 2018The first stop on this generation’s deceitful, unfair and ultimately successful path. the selection was Silver In that competition in Barcelona, Silver in the 2019 Gwangju World Cup, Budapest European 2020. in silver You fourth in olympics from Tokyo. a sequence of events, far from lowering their morale David Martin Lozanohas acted as a stimulus to push towards the limits it touched only in 1999 and 2001 Perth and Fukuokathe hero was Jess Rollinswho died in 2006. It was the turn of Aguirre, present and future, of the goalkeeper of the world champion in Budapest. the pressure was And let’s start together as favorites Hungary and Italy, but when you are an elite athlete, you need to know how to manage it, is the essence of the goalkeeper, one of the eight players of the Spanish team, belonging to the Spanish league champions Atlético Barceloneta, winning all matches. After. Regular stage and playoff for the title. The remaining selection is made up of three members from Sabadell and two from Barcelona. The backbone of winning the World Cup.

eight from barcelona

We are a family and we are all very close. Most of the team is from Barcelona, ​​and I think it is key codeit is part of our identity, You know how everyone thinks, you know everyone when they’re under stress… and that’s important for a team. That identity is not found in a month, With players who are not from Barcelona, ​​I notice sometimes, that you don’t know them at all, admitted Aguirre, who chose water polo at the age of ten and put football aside and some In months he hopes to pass selectivity to INEF or start something related to the sport.

The 21 years between 2001 and 2022 have been a roller coaster for Spanish water polo, which, like all sports, has been weighed down by economic woes, and has resurfaced during the last decade, in which regional license They have risen from 2,000 in 2012 to close to 10,000 in 2019 and more than 8,500 in 2021, after the pandemic halted and with Catalonia being the main focus of interest. Clearly, 900,000 footballs or 270,000 basketballs: Water polo is very hard to practice, water, type of ball and goalkeeper… He’s nowhere to be found. The main problem is, that it’s the people who happen to be fans of the game. But seeing us win helps the future, that’s certainly Aguirre’s conclusion.

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