Home Sport The Gasol’s last game with Spain: “We got off this beautiful attraction”

The Gasol’s last game with Spain: “We got off this beautiful attraction”

The Gasol's last game with Spain:

Tokyo Olympics


The brothers confirm their goodbye in Saitama, on the same stage where they were world champions in 2006. “It was worth it,” Pau reasoned about his return after the injury. It will take time to think about your final withdrawal

Pau and Marc Gasol, before the game against the USA.SERGIO PEREZREUTERS

With a broken voice, with gratitude and pride, with the elegance that he never allowed himself to abandon in his two decades of career. Pau Gasol said goodbye to the selection, Saitama’s final destination of a legend who wanted to write a heroic epilogue after a terrible injury that he did not let him win. “I would have liked it to be otherwise,” he admitted, showing off his infinite competitiveness, tears when he mentioned his daughter. With her, with his family and with himself he will assess whether this August 3 was also the end of his career, although everything indicates that it was.

“Regardless of the final result, it is the last game with this great team. A pity not to have been able to win these quarters. But I think it is the moment of recognition for this team after so many years,” he admitted, without any prolegomena. He had not played a minute in the entire second half and that hurt his warrior self-esteem.

Before had been Marc the one that also confirmed his last dance with Spain. “We got off this beautiful ride that we got on 15 years ago,” he admitted. The US as the final episode, the only border that the brothers could not tear down, an unrivaled circle that closed, caprices of fate, in the same place where he wrote perhaps his most amazing chapter of all, the 2006 World Cup.

“Of course it has been worth it. It has been a lot of work alone, many ups and downs, a lot of uncertainty, but at the same time happiness from the day I was able to make my debut with Barça to be with the national team,” continued Sant Boi.