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The five weeks that Gattuso studied in Valencia

The Italian plans to team up with Peter Lim and Jorge Mendes for next season in Singapore after learning the asset’s sporting and economic plans since April.

Gennaro Gattuso during his time in Milan.M / s
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Peter Lim Enough said at the end of January. The Cup Final also did not change its plan to end the stage. Jose Bordles After a month of tension and the team not settling in the European region. The video calls are over, full distance has begun and the bench is looking for the next tenant, who is spending his fourteenth of his time in Valencia. His choice was clear: Gennaro Gattuso,

He was going to take command again and, as he did as he landed in the summer of 2014, handed it over to a coach with whom he had a direct, loyal relationship and, yes, with a certain ability to reproduce excesses. I couldn’t do it like one gary neville, you have to find your new Nuno Holy Spirit after eight years. Only with the Portuguese he had transactions without any middlemen, whether his name was Matteo Alemanni or Anil Murthy. And now he wants to have that relationship with the Italian.

Gattuso, represented by Jorge Mendes, had already had the opportunity to come to Mestalla after Marcelino was fired in September 2019. then he was chosen celdes For your more knowledge of LaLiga. The Italian’s experience was limited to Milan, but in December of the same year he picked up Naples. Carlo Ancelotti And a penalty against Juventus made him the champion of the Italian Cup. His name was still underlined on Lim’s agenda, which the pandemic had made him forget about Valencia. Murthy, on the recommendation of Michelangelo CoronaRecruitment Xavier Grace and then to Jose Bordles,

The Alicante season, a performance by the squad with no sales and a conflict with the management in January due to a policy of reinforcements, ended to punish a relationship that had been blessed by the Mestalla stand. Only the cup final looked like it could fix it. It was not.

trip to milan

On Wednesday, 6 April, 17 days before the final in Cartuja against Betis, Anil Murthy and Joy Lim, two of Lim’s officials in Valencia, if interested, traveled to Milan to send a coach, whom he called to Mendes. The medium already knew, and explain to him what the club had plans for. A few weeks later, after losing the title in a penalty shootout and with it the door to Europe, they sent him economic and sporting information. Later in early May, Gattuso himself came to Spain. Ending the season in Patna with all Bordal.

Five weeks have passed in which Koch has studied the economic situation, workforce in detail and made his own assessment of departures and reinforcements, it is very clear that the priority is to sell very low and sign on low cost. With input into his findings and plans, he was determined to travel to Singapore with Anil Murthy and return as a new technician. It didn’t turn out like that at all. Lim first called the president, fired him, and then summoned who would be his executor in Valencia, Shaun Bai, and Mendes and Gattuso, to sign for two seasons. Everyone will return to Valencia before the weekend with clear views. Bai, on Thursday; After paying a clause of 700,000 euros to Gattuso, Bordes will have to wait for the club to agree to leave.

lots of sales and little expense

After embarking on a plan in which Lim enlists Mendes’ help to facilitate an exit at a good cost gonalo gedes and some other players with the cartel in the market like Carlos Solar And, to a lesser extent, Jose Luis Gay. In the case of the midfielder, Barra wants him in their plans, although their economy does not allow it. Once a good part of the sales title has been reduced to balance accounts, which is around 70 million, the presence of players in the operation is not ruled out. In fact, Laporta offered the statue the possibility of discounting the purchase of Solar braithwaite either Ricky PuigoA player whom Gattuso is very fond of, knows after his analysis that the biggest problem that can be found is the lack of talent in midfield to put together his style of play, more daring than Bordles.

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