The Fall of Santi Mina: Caravan Journey to Punish Celta Players | LaLiga Santander 2021

 The Fall of Santi Mina: Caravan Journey to Punish Celta Players |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Striker has been sentenced to four years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman in 2017. The club has temporarily fired him.

Shanti Meena during a match with Celta this season.EFE
  • Holocaust Celta footballer Santi Mina sentenced to four years for sexual assault

on 18 June 2017 centi min May sign the end of his career as an elite footballer. The court of Almeria sentenced the striker Celta Vigo for committing a crime of sexual abuse against a girl he met during his vacation in Mozkar when he was still wearing a shirt Valencia, In addition, he has to comply with a restraining order for 12 years and pay 50,000 euro compensation, Celta has already announced that it is launching disciplinary proceedings against him and removing him from the first team due to incidents that “maligned the club’s image and undermined its values”.

Mina, who returned in the summer of 2019 to the Galician club where she trained, will have the possibility to appeal the sentence, but despite evading the offense of aggression, for which the prosecutor’s office sentenced her to eight years. Said to, it would be difficult because he wouldn’t put a foot in prison. It wouldn’t happen to his friend, the Ibiza player. David Goldarowho has been acquitted.

Both Galician footballers went in a caravan to the shores of Almera in June 2017 when the season ended, and they met two girls in a nightclub. One of them agreed to accompany Goldar to spend the night with him, but at one point, Santi Mina appeared naked, having sex with her in the presence of a friend of the Valencian striker, according to the victim, whom he forbade. done. , Although Mina’s defense insists that they were consensual relationships, Forensic experts determined that the girl suffered four extragenital injuries and one genital injury, in addition to sequences such as “anxiety”, “chronic sadness” and “nerves”.,

return to vigo

The girl’s complaint led to the arrest of two football players, who were released without bail. Both Meena and Golder continued their careers. In the case of the Celta striker, he changed his mind in the summer of 2019, after having his best season in the First Division as a Valencian player and becoming the Copa del Rey champion. The Galician team paid 15 million, five more than the price for which it had been sold four years earlier, in an operation in which it was transferred. maxi gomez,

Despite facing a prison sentence, Meena has become a key player for Celta, especially since coming on the bench in November 2020. edward caudateWith whom last season he scored 12 goals under the command of Marcelino Garcia Toral in Mestalla. In both clubs he has built a career that reaches 313 games and 84 goals in the First Division.

I debuted on February 16, 2013 and it is said in the Chronicles that whoever is its captain today, ego around, refused to congratulate the 17-year-old when he turned her in. It was a reminder that, despite being the jewel of the Celtian mine, it was not going to be easy. grew up with luis enriqueIn order to overcome his physical weaknesses, the obligation of his parents to complete high school at the age of 19 and with his help George MendesWill arrive in Valencia recently bought by my friend Peter Lim And then in Champions.

difficult adaptation

The boy was finding it difficult to adjust. Nuno Holy Spirit Didn’t believe him. with Prandeli He did not even set foot on the ground. They had a tough time under the command of a string of coaches, several rookies, who dragged the club to the bottom of the table. And he had come to see himself in the transfer list. It was then that he decided to travel to Mozcar in a caravan. That charge, which was condemned today, did not affect his sporting performance. He clinging to the motto tattooed on one of the infinite scars of ink on his skin: “Don’t fight to live, live to fight.

Almost no one believed his blast would come, except those who became his family: goalkeeper James Domenech You simone zaza, their feeling You went to the locker room with the goalkeeper, they were like brothers. The Italian became a mirror of perseverance and Mina was infatuated with his charisma. The bald man also had that thug and provocative point that the Galicians loved to feed.

Marcelino polished him on the field. Better than his technique, it made him lose six kilos and left him with “eating evil.” The other aspect was self-confidence, due to which he was not afraid of competition. Already in Celta, I ain’t got a hole or with wrote by fran nor with mark garcia, the gray time from which Coudet saved him, who did not want to separate him from the team, despite the fact that he was about to sit on the bench. The Argentine coach said, “Shanti Mina is innocent until justice speaks out.” Justice has already spoken.

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