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The Eye of Non-Professional Games: The Spanish Company That Can Record Your Kids’ Games (or Yours)

ATM Media uses artificial intelligence cameras to broadcast and save live video of ground level and amateur sports. “We opened that window so that audiovisual content, which accounts for 98%, can reach the whole world,” says company co-founder and CEO Jordi Roker.

ATM media camera on the baseball field.M / s

Let’s say your daughter/daughter likes to play basketball and your son/daughter likes to play volleyball (or vice versa). Suppose both of you have a match on the same day on the weekend. Suppose each plays in a different arena/pavilion/pool. Or whatever the idea is. All of them, and certainly many more, circulated through the head of Jordi Roker When, in early 2020, the covid pandemic swept everything away. Also, of course, sporting events. And it is already at the end of 2021 when the project starts, after a round of economic investment. Today Roque is the co-founder and CEO of the Spanish company ATM Media, which made an idea that sprouted due to the coronavirus come true.

We have come to offer democratization of grassroots, amateur and customized sports. Elite sports represent 2% and we open that window so that the audiovisual content, representing 98%, can reach the whole world, explains Jordi Roker EL Mundo, whose daughters, of varying ages, play volleyball. and logically, it is impossible for them to watch the matches of both live. In this highly connected society, where we love to share with our families and loved ones, we also love to see each other, he adds. Hence the emergence of ATM Media, which transmits and records images of matches of up to 16 subjects without human intervention.

But how does it work? Recording is developed from an autonomous camera with artificial intelligence, which is placed at a point in the venue. It is expressed with artificial intelligence, which is based on 16 algorithms of different sports: football, basketball, volleyball, field/roller hockey, rugby, handball, baseball, paddle tennis, water polo… Its software is competitive and ball And the cameras have been trained on the basis of those movements depending on the game. The algorithm is not released until there is an error, Roque explains about the properties of the product.

anti-fog lens

The camera records 100% of the space on the playing field and it is the artificial intelligence that is in charge of stitching the images as if it were a traditional broadcast. In the case of recording water polo matches, anti-fog lenses are used to reduce the humidity of the environment. In addition to being able to add logos, advertising or any other source of income, these recordings can be supplemented live with a physical or remote commentator that can generate profit in an amateur club. The broadcast can be done on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitch or even access matches through an OTT micropayment platform that already has over 10,000 subscribers.

ATM media camera on track.M / s

In Catalonia, for example, the competition takes place every weekend. 400 matches, Have a monthly license for any club or federation 580 Euro per month, It’s a new economic ecosystem for all of them, says Roker, whose company has also entered into agreements in the Basque Country, the Balearic Islands and has started broadcasting some of Madrid City Council’s game finals.

“Video Analysis Service”

and through all cameras that have Pixellot technology, which also uses, for example real madridThe barcelonaThe BayernThe betis Shake real society, The tool has a video analysis service to improve the performance of players. This allows us to trace where the error has occurred and provides tremendous information for correction, in addition to reasoning coaches abound, Roker is convinced that this video analysis will be generalized across football teams of different divisions. : In five years it will be common for any coach and at any level.

Logically, it would also help scouts keep an eye on any rising stars in the grassroots game, who knows, could have gone unnoticed for a long time.

There is no excuse for missing a game for a few months now. It doesn’t matter by category, sport, location or date. It doesn’t matter if they match on time. The cameras of this Spanish company can be installed in more than 25,000 sports facilities. With the camera we create visible information that already exists. Now it’s possible to imagine all that information.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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