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“The expulsion has changed the game. Kound has fallen into the trap” | LaLiga Santander 2021


LaLiga Santander 2021 – 2022

Lopetegui points out the red key. “This is the way to go,” says Xavi, who loses Busquets and Gavi to sanction with a view to the match against Mallorca

Del Cerro Grande shows Kound the red one.Angel fernandezAP

Julen lopetegui did not want to load the inks too much. As much as, as soon as the game was over, he went to look for Xavi to, obviously, comment on the action that led to the expulsion of Kound, I almost tiptoed over that play. Just almost. Because, at the end of the day, he had no choice but to ensure that the young defender’s red one gave an absolute turn to the match. According to the minutes, the Frenchman had to go to the changing rooms early “for throwing the ball violently in the face of an opponent, hitting him in his face when the ball was not in play.”

“The expulsion has changed the game. It came when we were at our best, when we were above Bara. The scene has become a very different one and, from then on, the team has played a huge game, with the circumstances that we had. , and it is to congratulate them, “argued the Sevilla coach, who also did not hesitate to try to shield Kound in his lack of experience.

“Anyone can have a bad day. It is a reaction at the wrong time. With how young he is, sometimes he is wrong, and he knows he was wrong, but learn from this. He has fallen into the opponent’s trap and they have expelled him”, A Lopetegui stood out who also wanted to praise the quality of a Bara who gave a great image in the Pizjun. “Bara is a great team, as much as they want to confuse us. It is difficult to go to the market and find players like the ones they have found at home,” he said.

Xavi, meanwhile, left Seville with a bittersweet flavor. “The team is improving, it is competing and I am proud of all that, but not of the result,” said the Barça coach at Movistar LaLiga. “With one more, we have to have more patience, move the ball and arrive at the right time. It is a matter of a game model, of insisting, and I think we are on the right track. We had the option of getting into Champions League positions and end the year in a very good way, and a shame, because we have had them in our hands, “he stressed in the press room.

“It’s really hard for me not to win. I have the feeling that it’s hard for me to sleep because we should have won, but they have known how to stop the game, cool it down, and, in the end, it’s a way of competing too. From the bench, the image is Very good, it is close to the Bara that I love, the one that people love, the one I have lived with and has given us success. We are on the right track, “insisted the Barça coach, who tried to avoid, as best he could, any controversy with the referee.

“Of the referees, I am not going to speak. I do not win anything. What am I going to say? The referee is the one who should hold a press conference, and let him speak. I am going to be harmed, with whatever answer I say. work, it is very difficult and you have to help them. His is a very difficult ballot, “said Xavi, who denied that the great lack of his team is the lack of a goal.

“I don’t think it’s a goal thing, it’s more about understanding the moment of the game, having maturity and knowing what it requires. There are times when we still choose badly, and that makes the game mess up. goal. The result is what makes us analyze one thing or another “, reflected the Barça coach.

The Bara, in addition, is pending to prop up the workforce in the winter market. But, before there can be arrivals, some players will have to pack. “There are many duties, but the fundamental thing is fair play. There have to be exits. From then on, we are very clear about which players we want, the ideas very clear, but we have to go step by step,” explained the Barça football director. , Mateu Alemany, in statements to Movistar LaLiga.

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