Home Sport The European Parliament opposes competitions such as the Super League

The European Parliament opposes competitions such as the Super League

The European Parliament opposes competitions such as the Super League

The European Parliament has approved (597 votes in favor, 36 against and 55 abstentions) a report on the sports policy of the EU that rejects the new competitions outside the federative structures.

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The European Parliament (EP) rejected on Tuesday that the sports policy of the European Union includes “breakthrough competitions” contrary to the principles of free competition and sporting merit, the model that the Super League could represent. The opposition of the deputies is collected in a report on the sports policy of the European Union approved this Tuesday, which is contrary to this type of parallel competitions such as the Super League proposed last April by twelve clubs (including Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid).

The text has come forward by 597 votes in favor, 36 against and 55 abstentions. The report, neither legislative nor binding, calls for the European Union to have a sports model that recognizes the need to commit to values ​​such as solidarity and justice, “and therefore firmly opposes disruptive competitions that undermine these principles and jeopardize the stability of the sports ecosystem as a whole “. Although they do not specifically name the Super League, they do reject a European model that includes this type of new competitions outside of the federative structures that already exist., like this initiative that currently only supports three of the 12 founding clubs, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

The organization of the Super League last Thursday addressed a letter to the deputies of the European Parliament in which it assured that this competition “was never a disruptive league“as the participating clubs would have continued to take part in their respective national competitions.” At no time did the participating clubs break any FIFA, UEFA or domestic league rules and all clubs remained committed to playing in their respective domestic leagues. ” Superliga promoters Anas Laghrari and John Hahn affirm in the letter.

The vice-president of the European Commission for the European Lifestyle, the Greek Margaritis Schinas, had already taken a position against the creation of this competition. “We must defend a European model of sport based on values, based on diversity and inclusion. There is no margin to reserve it for the few rich and powerful clubs that want to strengthen ties with all that the associations represent.“Schinas noted on Twitter after the proposal was announced in April.

Respect for human rights

The report also urges that the respect for human rights is taken into account when deciding which country hosts a major sporting event and urges a “balance between the commercial interests of professional sport and its social functions”, as well as addressing the wage and representation gap in the sector.

The report, which has been prepared by the Polish member of the EP Tomasz Frankowski, former player of among other clubs from Wisla Cracovia, Wolverhamton, Elche, Tenerife and Nagoya, also refers to “the need to regulate the activities of agents” and recognizes the importance of the “recent reforms in the soccer transfer market”. While urging “the competent sports authorities to ensure the prompt implementation of these reforms,” ​​the document notes that various measures that FIFA is applying, such as the Clearing House, licensing requirements for agents and limits on Agent commissions “are going in the right direction.”

It also calls on public authorities, federations and sports organizations to defend human rights and democratic principles in all their actions, especially when granting the status of host of major sports events, as well as in the election of the sponsors.

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