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The dizzying future of the national team without the Gasols and the reasons for hope: the Hernangmez, Garuba, Aldama …

The dizzying future of the national team without the Gasols and the reasons for hope: the Hernangmez, Garuba, Aldama ...

“A cycle is not over, but it is a time of change,” warns Garbajosa. The 2022 European Championship, a challenge in which the selection of the Windows could take over. “The process has been going on for some time.”

Willy Hernangmez, in the match against the USA.SERGIO PEREZREUTERS

The past was so prosperous that the future cannot be anything other than vertigo. But the dreaded change of cycle in the selection is not new. A warning, trumpeted over and over again – since 2008, Pau has been ‘fired’, who has already been buried. The evidence shows that nothing will be as full as yesterday. Even this selection of Sergio Scariolo In recent years, he has already had to resort to other ‘things’ (defense, tactical wisdom …) to lengthen the fullness. That baggage and the irruption of the new generations is what Spanish basketball clings to that the transition is smoother.

There will no longer be any of the gold juniors, with Pau Gasol as the last vestige. Neither did Marc. And maybe Rudy, Sergio Rodrguez and Llull have already played their last game with Spain. TO Ricky Rubio It cost him a lot to even attend these Games, but his age (30 years) and his fuss with that shirt (it is impossible to ignore his historic 38 points against the USA Team), makes it very likely that the point guard will remain at the helm. Reasons to continue believing? This Tuesday, in the moments of truth, the future was already on the track: Willy Hernangmez, Usman Garuba, Abalde

“For me a cycle does not end, because the cycle has never finished evolving and continues to do so. Logically it is a moment of change,” he reasoned. Garbajosa. If the Federation has tried something, it is that those values ​​of The Family, which can be summarized in commitment and competitiveness, were ‘tattooed’ to the new generations by those who made them a legend. For this reason, that Pau, Marc or in his day Navarro, Felipe or Caldern lengthened their careers with Spain was not just a tribute. “Llull, Abrines, Abalde, the Hernangmez … have had the privilege of learning how to compete, how to play for the national team,” stressed the president.

The Windows

Added to this feeling of belonging is the technical work that Scariolo himself heads up even with the training categories. And, of course, proper names. Because, in full age there is still a good handful. In the rostrum yesterday, for example, Juancho Hernangmez. Pierre Oriola and Sebas Saiz, two towers of guarantees, remained in the cuts. And Nikola Mirotic missed the appointment. Many of the Windows could have been in Tokyo as it was urgently Xabi Lopez-Arstegui (with the misfortune of injuring himself upon arrival). Daro Brizuela, Carlos Alocn, Sergi Martnez, Jaime Fernndez, Alberto Daz, Tyson Prez

And even younger still but almost present, two names recently drafted, that next year they will play in the NBA: Usman Garuba and Santi Aldama. Next summer, at the Eurobasket (Spain plays the first phase in Cologne), it may be the first time together for a couple that amazes in lower categories.

“We have to think about the future, about everything we have learned and about all the young people who have been hitting hard from the quarry. We still have a lot of war to fight”, challenged Willy, perhaps the most positive note in the personal that these Games leave . Despite starting second to last in the rotation, he managed, with humility, to become strong until he ended up displacing the Gasols. And wowing the NBA. “I do not think that it is vertigo that comes ahead. It is illusion, win and try to show that we have been clever and we have learned all these lessons well,” he said after his 10 points, 10 rebounds, three blocks …

“We are prepared, we have been working for years under my personal supervision in lower categories and in the selection B or Windows. The process has been underway for some time, with clear ideas on how to follow it,” admits Scariolo, who warned: “We will have to understand the new role, the new way of competing for the team, of playing. And it is a challenge for everyone. For those who will continue, for those who will enter, for us … “.