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The ‘death’ of DUX, with the help of Courtois, Iglesias and Dijmario for “war” with Rubiales: “You can’t demand 20,000 euros of minimum wage”

The first RFEF team to reach an agreement with the eSports club, owned by Courtois and Borja Iglesias, has been ‘unregistered’ from the competition as it cannot cope with the new conditions of the category. “The club is healthy. There are others indebted who are going to go out and compete,” defends his coach, Alfredo Santalena.

  • DUX. intrahistory of The eSports club that bought the 2nd B team: YouTubers, First Division footballers and 15 million followers

In July 2020electronic sports team doge gaming and football club Madrid InternationalOf Second Class Bannounced a historic settlement by which they became the “Infinite Club”. This is how they describe it. A move by Ducks Gaming, where they co-own Thibaut Courtois, Borja Iglesias and YouTuber DJMariiofirst organization of eSports It was part of a soccer instruction’s shareholding.

Two years later, Infinity club dream is dead, The International Ducks of Madrid, who were promoted to the RFEF earlier in the 2020-2021 season and remained in it during 21-22, “unregistered“by the sole judge of Royal Spanish Football Federation Unable to cope budget and terms Required by RFEF for the new session. these are Presentation of 18 cards that comply with the new First RFEF general rules or, if they do not, have a 493,317 Euro Guarantee To compensate other teams.

That “general regulation” of the new First RFEF poses a problem for the Ducks, a healthy club and in which its players were paid daily and without problems until the end of last year. For the 2022-2023 academic year, the RFEF requires the Ducks and the rest of the team to hold 18 professional cards. Minimum wage gross of 20,000 Euro per year, a capital increase which the Board has not been able to accept. The Ducks had the lowest budget in the category, with 2,500 Euro gross salary The best payouts and the lowest from 600-800, a scale that the RFEF is now demanding.

“it is a bitchBecause we are a humble club and in sport we have done well, “he explains to EL Mundo” alfredo santelena, coach of the team. “They’ve always paid us daily, that we should value it because in amateur football, which is still the category at the end, it doesn’t happen everywhere. The club is healthy, it owes nothing to anyone…It annoys me for the kids who are lying around now. Santalena focuses on the “exaggerated limits for submissive teams” that the Federation sets.There are loan teams that are going to go out and compete, These are the things that bother me. The conditions set by the Federation for clubs in non-professional leagues are much higher. Referees are not professionals either. This happened last year with Extremadura and now with us. You cannot put that salary range in this category. I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Courtois and the role of Borja Iglesias

But, “Is there nothing professional football players with millionaire salaries like Courtois or Iglesias can do?”, the reader will ask. And the reality is that there isn’t much. Real Madrid’s goalkeeper and Betis striker is a co-owner of the electronic sports team, where he supports the club with his image and opinion in decision-making, but They have no power or influence on the football teamSince the shareholding of Dux Gaming is minimal.

When Ducks Gaming and Internazionale de Madrid announced their collaboration, it was defined in the name, gradient and colors of the Ducks, but football club address they keep it Stephen Newman (current president), David Barragan (Vice President) and Francis Ponsowho have majority shareholding. Three, with British Newman, Real Estate Entrepreneur Based in SpainAs chairman, formed the team in 2002.

The Newman-Rubiles War

As this newspaper is able to learn, they have tried to mediate with the footballers’ environment to find new investors who would deal with the season’s budget, but they encountered various problems. is one of them Bad relationship between Newman and Louis Rubiales, Chairman of RFEF. “They are at war,” say various sources.

The president of the International Doge has been one of those who have been most against the minimum wage of 20,000 euros for footballers. ,We are not going to pay salary almost 100% above minimum interprofessional, It’s not legal. The league imposes a minimum wage on you for seconds, but it deposits between five and seven million into your account. They give us about 200,000 euros per year,” he assured voice of galicia few days back

Added to these criticisms is the fact that Newman is the spokesperson for the newly created Association of Clubs of the Third Divisionin present . is made of Linares, Rayo Mazadahonda, UD Sense, DUX Internazionale de Madrid, Balompadica Linens and Real Unión, An invention that the RFEF does not like, although all except Doge are registered without problems. As if this was not enough, Newman Signature in one of the complaints filed with CSD against Rubiales, in the case of a luxury home rental in Madrid’s Plaza de Espaa. Along with this, he has also accused the President of the Federation. administrative bias offense “Implementing the requirements for participation in the first RFEF, while these are pending approval by the CSD”.

Situation That Leaves Doge of Madrid International meaningwith big doubts about your future, Depending on subsequent events and lawsuits against the RFEF, it may be administratively preferential, or disappear, into another RFEF. Besides, he doesn’t have institutional support and social which a club in this category should have. And herein lies another problem. It is a nomadic organization with no stability or base in one area of ​​the community. started playing in killer whales In the early 2000s, then Villa’s MeadowAfter middle moral And later Bodilla del Montelast headquarters before leaving Villaviciosa de Odini in 2020. There he hasn’t even received the necessary financial support and even a minor disapproval from the city. An unexpected ending for the “Infinite Club”.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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