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The Curse of Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores

The xeneize team lost in the competition against the Corinthians at La Bombonera. The last time he lifted the trophy was in 2007

Boca fell 0-3 against Banfield in the Argentine tournamentAFP
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Boca Juniors It is a team that Spaniards will remember for the legendary game in the 2000 Intercontinental in which Carlos Bianchi’s eleven defeated Real Madrid of Vicente del Bosque, Luis Figo or Roberto Carlos 1–2. At that point, Juan Roman Riquelme played a perfect match that propelled him to the Camp Nou; Jorge Bermádez, a veteran defender, carried the captain’s band and Sebastin Battaglia, center midfielder, calmly cut off the movement of the ball from Madrid.

More than two decades after that chilly night in Japan, Juan Roman Riquelme serves as Boca’s vice president; Jorge Bermádez forms the Boca Football Council and Battaglia is the current coach of the club. References to Riquelme, idol and xeneize fans, are a reality foreign to the successes collected at La Bombonera today. or in La Ceramica And sees how his spirit team completes a streak of 16 years without winning the Copa Libertadores.

Boca Juniors (6 Libertadores titles), the continent’s second most successful team, (the first is independent with 7), lost in the Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2021–2022 On punishment against the Corinthians, In the middle of a cold Portia night, the Brazilian team scrambled up the stands of La Bombonera, a legendary Argentine stadium, seeing as Boca striker Daro Benedetto missed two penalties in 180 minutes.

Riquelme faces a far cry from the situation he had experienced as a player: as a manager, he has won local titles but his quality and enthusiasm for the blue and gold jersey again went on to lead Boca Juniors. is not sufficient. at the top of the continent.

Juan Roman Requelme at Boca’s Legendary Stadium, La BomboneraAFP

Last year, Atlético Mineiro was the team that defeated Boca in the Copa Libertadores. Riquelme, who was controversial as a player and as a manager, warned that his team had “won both matches” And accused the referee of favoring the Brazilian team. In 2020, Santos was the club in charge of closing the xeneize cycle in the competition with a resounding 3-0; In 2019, River Plate revived the ghosts of that final in Santiago Bernab (2018) and beat Boca again in the semi-finals.

Mao Zedong used to say that, failure after failure, one has to struggle again to get the result of a process. However, Boca Juniors is currently struggling to return to the continent’s podium. becomes stable, first, in the final, in the semi-finals or in the quarters; Now, the speech of one of the most relevant clubs in the region reaches round eight where it is at home, in its temple, and with its people.

In short, Boca is one of them sleeping legends of modern football, Since 2007, 11 coaches have passed through the xeneize bench and only two have reached the Copa Libertadores final. The team south of Buenos Aires will have to wait another year to compete for the tournament, while its directors wait in silence after a painful defeat against Corinthians at La Bombonera.

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