Home Sport The ‘cave’ that controls the Spanish Super Cup

The ‘cave’ that controls the Spanish Super Cup

The 'cave' that controls the Spanish Super Cup

The VOR room is located a few meters from the gates of King Fahd Stadium. The ‘VARdict’, a tool not used by the League, a novelty since Jeddah.

VOR room during Wednesday’s classic.

Until a couple of years ago, the field referee controlled everything that happened on the lawn. If he saw it, he punished him. If not, nothing happened. A situation that will never return and that has changed football forever. In the Spanish Super Cup from Riyadh, for example, the destination of the tournament is controlled from the outskirts of the stadium King Fahd of Riyadh.

There, a few meters from the entrance doors, attached to the mobile units of the televisions, there is a small booth lined with the logo of the company. Spanish Federation: is the VOR room (Video Operations Room), the cubicle of just five square meters from which all refereeing decisions of the tournament are coordinated. Eleven monitors that make every detail of the match visible.

“Explain why a decision is made”

The great difference between this refereeing ‘cave’ and that of the League is he VARdict, that is, the direct communication between VOR room and television production, which is also used in the Champions League and in the European Championship. “On television and on video scoreboards not only the final decision about a move, but why that decision is made and display the images“, they summarize this newspaper from the Federation, which regrets that this connection is not used in the League. The reasons, you can imagine, have to do with the eternal fight of Spanish football between Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, and Javier Thebes, namesake in the League.

The company in charge of the technical management of this VOR room is hawk-eye, which also coordinates this tool in the Champions League, the League and international competitions. Based in United Kingdom and belonging to Sony, began working with the Spanish organization in 2019 and already controls all the management of the Jeddah Super Cup. The ‘cave’ is his, as a world reference in this area. “The work is similar to that carried out in Jeddah in 2020,” they clarify from the Federation.

The only absence is the technology of the ‘hawk eye‘, which the RFEF decided brand new in Jeddah and that he has not brought to the tournament in Riyadh. The tool warn directly to the referee’s clock that the ball has entered the goal. Instead, it will be the technicians and referees of the VOR room who analyze the plays and make the decision, as happened with a shot from Iigo Martinez on the goalkeeper oblak during the Athletic-Athletic from yesterday. The central defender headed towards the Slovenian’s goal and he stopped the ball on the line. In a few seconds, on the video scoreboards, after the VOR room analyzed the play, it appeared “NO GOAL”.

As expected, it is not being a very easy Super Cup for the refereeing group, although we have not experienced very controversial actions. In the second semifinal, Atltico and Athletic protested two penalties, one in each area, during the first moments of the game. the collegiate, Cuadra Fernndez, decided not to visit the screen located on the side of the field after receiving information from the VOR room.

During Wednesday’s classic, a game less hot than other Bara-Madrid, the white team protested to Munuera Montero a Elbow from Busquets to Vinicius, without the ball, while the Brazilian ran towards the goal of Ter Stegen,.

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