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The breakup between Jorge Wilda and the captains: the challenge, the half-truth and the threats

Coaches and players appear differently in staging the crisis the group is facing.

Jorge Vilda during the press conference in Las Rojas.EFE
  • Maximum tension in Las Rozas National team players ask coach Jorge Vilda to leave

It’s been a really strange appearance, first of all, of George Wilda, coach, and captain, later, of the women’s soccer team. By now more or less everyone knows the story: during the month of August the captains are called rubiales To ask him to fire Wilda and this Monday, when he started training camp for two international matches, the same players themselves told to their face that they didn’t want him to stay in the position (Irene Parades, at first the captain has denied it, but he will come later). Well, knowing those facts (because they are facts), this Thursday was the first day the protagonist spoke. Separately, it is worth emphasizing. First Wilda and then the captain. Everyone with a funeral face.

The coach came up with the first clear message: “I feel very hurt by the way forward [de las jugadoras], The rules of the game have been violated: the first law that is in the locker room stays in the locker room”, he initially declared, therefore, accusing the football players of leaking, something they later denied. (Very few arguments, things are as they are, because the leaks, at least the beginners, start more from his side.) The technician is not only hurt. He’s angry, and like any human, he values how to respond to what he considers an attack, so much so that he avoids answering the direct question: continue to trust the captains? “I’m not going to go into it. The actions of all the players are very clear. We’re going to look for players who are 100% involved and who are 100% in the favor”, Clean water.

By the way, if anyone had any doubts about whether he intended to continue, he would not. “I feel stronger than ever to continue working. Of course we can improve, but I feel the support of the Federation and that’s important,” said Koch, who was asked if he would be reunited. The start, certainly wise, was valid to guide this team: “The first thing I want to highlight is the quality of the coaching staff that this team has. The highest level of people with whom we train every day, Work in planning… in which everyone gives the best in their field and I won’t change for anyone.” Well, that’s it.

Soon after, the captain appeared. Irene Paredes, Patricia Pebble You beautiful jenny, Everyone at the funeral has a bigger face than their coach, who is saying something. The leader, Irene, took the floor: “First of all, I wanted to clarify that the players have never called for George to be sacked. The captains, on behalf of the group, have conveyed the sentiment to George and the Federation players. . We have circulated the information. Then there have been a lot of leaks which do not do any good.”

Beyond the fact that the leaks stem from a group of players, the most striking thing about the football players’ words was their lack of accuracy. He was directly asked what he didn’t like about the coach. Guizarro responds: “It’s a general malaise of the team, which we all experienced and felt during the European Championship. We all think that we have a group with whom we can achieve great titles, and that’s it. The reason it has been decided to convey the group’s message is because, in the end, we think it’s something important”. Translated: He thinks he has the potential to win the Euro Cup and the World Cup and it is Jorge Vilda who doesn’t know how to take him to those goals.

Neither Jenny Hermoso was more specific: “We are defending our team. We are spreading the message of general malaise and everyone must, from now on, be consistent, decide whether they want to continue, But we’re quite professionals, and when a player enters the field, she doesn’t think of anything else. We feel that some internal aspects can be changed and that’s why we talk to him [con el entrenador], Sometimes you have to say such things, even if it is not pleasant for them to change. A final sentence: “We know there are going to be amendments and we’re going to try to change the situation. We’ve already done what we had to do,” Irene said. These modifications can go in several directions.

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