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The agony of Extremadura: “It is not a matter of sadness, it is that we cannot take it anymore”

The agony of Extremadura:

The strike by the workforce, after four months of defaults, puts him on the brink of disappearance. He did not appear before Deportivo and if he does not appear on Saturday either, he will be expelled and demoted.

Extremadura players denounce their critical situation.

It is not a matter of shame, it is that we really cannot take it anymore, he confesses Sal gonzlez, Extremadura right-back, on strike with his teammates since last Friday due to the non-payment of several payrolls, both for the staff, the technical body and the club’s employees. The players decided not to appear last Sunday in Riazor to play the match of the twelfth day of the First RFEF against Deportivo as an extreme measure of protest against the continuous breaches by the president, Manuel Franganillo. If they do not play against Calahorra next Saturday, when another strike is scheduled, they will lose their category in the middle of the season and disappearance will be close.

Married – my wife does not work – and with two children, Sal Gonzlez, a 30-year-old defender, had signed the last campaign for the Almendralejo team, from Marbella. In the final stretch of his sporting career, he assures EL MUNDO that he was unlucky. Debts not only accumulate from this campaign (almost four monthly payments), but also from the previous one (three others). It is estimated that the total payroll expense each month amounts to about 130,000 euros. The snowball continues, because also the club has been in bankruptcy (voluntary) since last February 5. I have lost more than I have gained since I have been here, the situation is untenable, confesses the Madrileo.

Last Friday was the first day of the three consecutive strikes and therefore included the game. The club was sanctioned with the loss of three points (3-0 was the official result) and accumulated a federal sanction of another three points in the classification, to add to its already delicate situation in the table. Monday and Tuesday the players returned to training under the command of their coach, Manuel Mosquera. The next stop is scheduled to take place from Friday and will coincide with the match against Calahorra. If nothing changes, automatic descent will occur.

The AFE has confirmed that the Extremadura squad is still open, as it has done from the beginning, to negotiate and seek solutions that allow putting an end to the extreme problems they are suffering, reiterating their commitment to the future viability of the club. However, there is little hope among the players that Franganillo – one of the club’s founders and who has starred in several controversial episodes since he became president in 2014 – will fix the situation. There are already problems of non-payment of rents and the staff calls the situation unsustainable. A player has lost up to eight kilos in weight and suffers from anxiety problems. He has not played a single minute since his depression symptoms began, although he has been summoned so far.

Khalifa Capital

Franganillo conditions the arrival of investments to his continuity at the head of the entity. This was the case of the Khalifa Capital group, which agreed in writing on June 30 to make an investment of 3.5 million euros in exchange for becoming a shareholder of the entity, but ultimately withdrew. The insolvency administrator, Bernardo silva, does not rule out going to court against this Russian capital fund for breach of contract.

Meanwhile, the Commercial Court of Badajoz will decide whether to validate the payment schedule of the creditors’ agreement approved at the meeting held at the end of October, where – with 68% of the votes of the 340 creditors – the payment of the full debt (4,200,000 euros) in a period of 10 years but with a grace period of one year. The liquidation of the club was avoided at that moment. Much of the debt is owed to Social Security and the Treasury.

The remainder comes from contracts above the market standards made with numerous footballers when the team served for two consecutive seasons in the Second Division (20018/19 and 20019/20). At that time, the economic management included the entrepreneur Luis Oliver, which had half of the club’s shares. The Peas Federation has called for next Saturday, match day, a demonstration to protest the situation of a club that is dying.

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