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Stew, Vine and Trigueros’ umbrella, ‘anti-soccer player’: “I don’t like uploading photos to yachts”

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The Villarreal midfielder has become famous this summer for (more) costumbrista scenes of his break that he shares on his social networks. “A lot of talk happens around footballers.”

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  • soccer Villarreal renews Manu Trigueros until 2025

With hotel prices through the roof, flights becoming more and more expensive and with almost all yachts in Ibiza being rented by footballers, “normality” is the way it has become fashionable. Villarreal Footballer, manu trigueros, to enjoy your vacation. No reservations, no pictures with excessive hair removal or luxury cars at 350 euros per kilo of lobster. Trigueros is an ‘anti-soccer player’, at least on his break.

The midfielder, who garners a millionaire salary (like all top-level footballers), and who can do all those things, has become famous this summer for sharing the most costumbrista scenes on his social networks, Which every neighbor’s son can sign on his summer vacation. In the last picture, he is seen on a beach with an umbrella (like a normal tourist) and his daughter. The image has made him pay the price for the occasional prank on the part of his colleagues. mark bartraBetis didn’t miss the opportunity to send a message to centre-back, Trigueros, who assures he takes it “with a humour” because “in the end there are things that are funny”.

Trigueros, 30, explains that the holidays have helped her to be with the people closest to her and enjoy being closer to home. However, he clarified that he also took the opportunity to visit Ibiza “with some friends”, which did not go unnoticed. Not like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and other athletes, the island’s beaches throng the attention of attention. “This summer I’ve done everything, but still, I don’t like uploading photos to yacht”, he says in conversation with EL Mundo.

Although the Villarreal player passed through Ibiza during his vacation, nostalgia due to being away from home for “more than 15 years” made Talavera de la Reina his first destination. Ah, at his mother’s house, it all began. A few weeks ago on Instagram, Trigueros posted a picture of him enjoying A dish in South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentils What did his mother do to him? In a white tank top, over 35 degrees and with a bottle of wine.

“A lot of talk happens around a footballer. There are different types of lawyers, there are different types of architects, there are different types of engineers. The fan knows that the footballer likes to enjoy himself. I’m a pleasure boy”Comment.

Although in theory an elite football player’s holidays are meant to give the body a break, Trigueros confirmed that whenever he can, without any physical routine, he uses a space of his day to “play paddle tennis.” or to practice golf”. , He also meets a friend who is a trainer to stay fit.

No Tattoos, No Controversies and No Expensive Vacations, Trigueros arouses curiosity Of the hundreds of Spanish fans who appreciate the player’s behavior and who, moreover, have made a trend in recent hours with publications comparing the midfielder’s “moderation” with the players’ “excessive” spending, Big teams that barely move on subsidiaries.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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