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Sterile draw in mestalla that does not soothe Valencia or relieve Levante. LaLiga Santander 2021

Sterile draw in mestalla that does not soothe Valencia or relieve Levante.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Bordles’ team went ahead with a goal from Hugo Duro, but played inferior after Gay’s controversial expulsion. Duterte the same for Levante, who dominated the match without success

Figueroa Vazquez separates Duarte and Resic in one of the tense moments of the derby.EFE
  • Valencia-Levante It was the Valencian Derby

One of the most commonly conjugated verbs in life is to lose. There is no one who can say that I have never lost anything. In football it is the B side, the tail of the coin that causes a sharp pain, capable of dissolving in seven days and turning into an intense bitterness in mere moments that leaves an indelible memory. Valencia And this I picked Know that feeling and pretend not to reproduce it mestala, The Derby arrived with the Valencianists stitching up the wound of a lost final, with Europe too far away, and Grenotta fleeing a gray future that has them in the alley of the bullpen, turning against a destiny. Which is leading them to lose the category. But no one wanted to lose. shear survival dipper a tie tastes nothing, [Narracin y estadsticas]

As the clouds rolled in, the duel took its toll. Levante had to be added with necessity, after alvasi But with his victory will push them back in the queue Villarreal, decided to launch a stimulus that encouraged Mestalla. On the eve, their clubs remember in green and white letters that the finals have been won and a Segunda cry! They surfaced at least in the stadium of Avenida de Sweden. He served this salt to open wounds and give his team one goal: to win.

i have it very clear Bordles that, before the best of eleven lisi, pulled from the spotlight and planted as high as a rhythm that Levante prefers to live on based on pulses. he yes, with skillful Morales well protected in shifts by alderette You Paulista The one who won all the doubles. first blow tried to take it off gedes With a shot from the crescent after a detention in the area of Thierry, He ran the ball to another area so that his hand mamardashvili will save the effort raised in the sky dani gomez,

The game shook at the end of the half hour game. they became allies gilman and Guedes to accommodate Gay ball for a threaded center that ends the far post Hugo Hard, flew between the centers to beat Madrid credenas, If Valencia seemed to tip the match it was a mirage.

controversial expulsion of gay

Figueroa Vazquez When I flashed Gay to Straight Raid I denied him an attack weapon conflict with the Miramani After a brief consultation with VaR. Once again, it was Bordle’s turn, while a powder keg caught fire on the pitch, starting the match to the beat of the ‘Corruption in Corruption’ slogan from the stands.

With a low ties on the right flank, the awakened Granotta had the shoes of Dani Gomez, who saved the Georgian goalkeeper again. If Cardenas emerged from a weak defense like Levante’s, so has the guy who tried in the assistant at Mestalla.

He remodeled his eleven boardels on the brakes, seeking to compensate for the low energy man and riding of the young squad. Jess VazquezBut who needed to take the risk, it was Lissie. The game fell asleep and losing was a sentence. With easy access to the box, he unravels his strange plan to reinforce it with quality byrdieemphasis of melero and foul smell Roberto Soldado That from the mestalla took the sonorous whistle. Valencia gave it to him only to try to go out on the run to keep the ranks tight and catch an opponent who seemed vulnerable. The problem started when he was about to walk another 30 minutes.

He may not have seen it clearly in the local bench, which did not take long to figure out how to escalate Levante’s concerns. Salt Foulquier to dance with Morales and Bardhi, alternating bands to break free, maxi gomez To land long balls, which didn’t come through either. The threat was created by Vzquez, who eliminated a heel strike from Carlos Soler, and above all, Levante when Bardhi hits a ball into the crossbar,

Owning the ball, he pushed and pushed until he locked Valencia inside and forced a corner kick, which Morales took short, measured over the head. duarte So that, jumping over Paulista, he put the tie on the scoreboard and breathed in a light breath of oxygen, representing a point that continued to drop Levante as he bottomed out.

The ball barely passed through Valencian shoes, but it went through Mamardashvili’s gloves, which bitterly smothered every attempt to find his fault. With only the departure of Brian Gill and Younus, Levante felt that, if they did not win, they would not even give up points.

This is probably the last derby until who knows when the two-team season was drawn: with more structure than Valencia football against Levante organized as deliberate and decisive in the face of adversity because It was totally silly.

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