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St Andrews shootout: “What some players do is incomprehensible”

War erupts between the new Saudi circuit, which could be played at Valderrama next year, and the sport’s older structures previewing the British Open, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Ryder Cup also in danger

Tiger Woods, during his training for the British Open.AFP
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In Prelude to the Most Important Golf Event of the Last Decade, the Spotlights Won’t Be On 150th edition of British Open or in the new return of Tiger Woods to the mythical realm of St Andrews, The War at World Golf focuses on its bloodiest moment since hostilities began on May 11. liv golf (the new circuit backed by Saudi funds) continues to reinvent itself based on multi-million dollar checks and draw attention to each of its stars, while the PGA Tour closes ranks with the main entities that govern the sport. wants and thereby minimizes the danger. ,

power vs. Pennies. or vice versa. An unexpected battle that can take some unsuspecting victims, such as Ryder Cup, Right now, it’ll be no contest Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed or Bryson DeChambeau on the American side, or without Sergio Garcia or Ian Poulter on the European side. rumors suggest that henrik stenson He could be one of the next to leave Europe without a captain and sign with the Saudis. The risk of spoiling the most prestigious golf tournaments means that even Rory McIlroy The PGA will explain its most extreme position of the Tour’s defense and appeal for talks.

Shakti’s latest display comes with VITO Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, who hasn’t been invited to any of the Open’s 150th anniversary celebrations, despite piling two jars of claret in his windows. The Open 150 is an extremely important milestone for golf and we want to ensure that the focus is on celebrating the championship and its legacy, said a statement explaining the decision. Phil MichaelsonThe visible head of LIV and winner of the 2013 British Open, reacted to the moment by informing the Royal & Ensign club that they do not trust them even in the splendor of the historic commemoration between today and tomorrow.

It seems like there are no boundaries for newcomers to the world of golf. At a previous LIV tournament played at Pumpkin Ridge Golf in Portland, the owner of the farm adjacent to the course, which was usually used as parking for other large events such as the US Women’s Open, refused to rent it out to the organization. done. Saudi tournament. What did they do? He says that one of the people responsible for the incident directly bought the land at twice the price. And the matter was resolved.

Judge rules in favor of Guided

At present, LIV Golf’s sole affiliate is the Asian circuit. Given the announced alliance between the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour (European Circuit) by 2035, LIV Golf could form a plan with the Asian Tour for a massive and millionaire project that will directly support organizations and circuits to become a much larger one. will add to. popular choice. This will be for the US and European circuits. LIV’s headache right now is just getting to score their tournament for the world rankings. from the headquarters of Greg Norman They confirm to this newsletter: The new tour will have to find its way. The decision has been taken after several disappointing attempts to sit down with PGA Tour chief Jay Monahan.

Meanwhile, a judge lifted a ban on players punished for participating in the LIV, who were released last week to play in Scotland, the first tournament in history co-hosted by the PGA Tour and DP World Tour. So Keith PeleThe CEO of the European circuit last Tuesday called on the rest of the sanctioned players (and those who did not report) to be allowed to play in Scotland for fear of a possible subsequent lawsuit for damages.

To end all this mess, the European Tour decided to pair LIV players and separate them from the rest. It is an uncomfortable and awkward situation, the atmosphere is rare, says one player who prefers to remain anonymous. From another player’s environment they say that the European circuit radically changed its approach and tone after the deal with the PGA Tour even breached contracts.

As LIV moves forward, that’s the reality, and everything indicates they will continue to sign players as the top ten of the first worlds get closer to confirming their change of scenery. Looking ahead to 2023, Norman’s team is working on conceptualizing a powerful calendar around 15 tournaments, with iconic venues such as the Trump Turnberry, Real Club de Golf de Valderrama or tournaments played in Mexico. This newspaper is able to find out that the Cádiz region is in talks to be one of the European headquarters.

As almost nothing else was talked about in these past days, yesterday was Tiger Woods One who is firmly situated. He asked him what he thought of the players who have already signed for the Saudi circuit. They have a pat on their back, which has helped them get to where they belong., Some players have never even experienced the PGA Tour and have gone straight from the amateur circuit to the organization and haven’t had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to play on tour or in major tournaments. Some of these players are at risk of never being able to play the Major, never playing at St Andrews, ever experiencing the fairway of Augusta. This is incomprehensible to me.

Meanwhile, this Thursday begins the most anticipated golf tournament, perhaps the last where LIV and non-LIV players can compete against each other.

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