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Spanish Golf Success: From Seve’s “LossSpanish’Cojones” to Jumping to American Universities with Jon Rahm

Spanish Golf Success: From Seve's "LossSpanish'Cojones" to Jumping to American Universities with Jon Rahm

The Spanish mine has many promises, many of which are in the Americas. Union work is important.

Jon Rahm celebrates victory at the Mexican Open.EFE
  • PGA Jon Rahm’s “tense” victory in Mexico

Just five hours difference adri arnaus You john rahmo, two good friends covering nearly 10,000 kilometres, last weekend won two winners’ trophies at the European Circuit (Catalonia Championship) and the PGA (Mexico) respectively. It is difficult to explain the mystery of Spanish golf, which is an inexhaustible mine of statistics. This is the sixth win in 2022. after couple of Miguel Angel Jimenez on the Champions Tour (American Giants Circuit) and paul larazbali On the DP World Tour (European Circuit), now comes the review of these two victories on Sunday.

Overall, our country has four of the 70 best players in the world. And what is to come? Without further ado, amateur this week Eugenio Lopez Chacarra Compete in Wells Fargo, a PGA Tour tournament to which he has received an invitation, and one of the Academy’s greatest gems, George Hao, 15 years old, won the Madrid championship for the first time under the age of 18. He added this title to his impressive record with top-level full national tournaments such as the Puerta de Hierro Cup. All American universities are behind them. Universities Where Others Already Stand Out: At the Arizona Estate, David Puigo You joselle ballester There are also two references.

And, of course, there are many girls who dazzle too: Carolina Lopez Chacarra is already a star in his first year of college with Wake Forest and in Mississippi State he hallucinates with it Julia Lopez, There has come a point where American universities are fighting over Spanish talent, and representatives from federations around the world come to the National Golf Center, the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Federation, to analyze the model.

technology program

Work of a structured system that begins in clubs, continues in regional associations and ends with the modernization programs of the RFEG is already bearing fruit, and Jon Rahm is the most famous link in the chain, but on his side. The choices begin to enter the world’s top 50 players, emerge like Adri Arnos, Rahm’s partner and rival in a thousand competition battles Amateur throughout Spain and Europe.

However, there is a percentage of success that is due to abstraction. what spanish handWhich the British would say in reference to the natural talent of many of our players. would be more graphic historical Gary Player: The Spanish balls, he said in his day, remembering sev ballesteros, Jose María Olazabal, Manolo Piero, Antonio Garrido And all those generations of golfers of the last century who have already named Spain around the world. Some of this natural brilliance, of a Spanish nature, is mixed with Seve’s heritage, federal gear. Meanwhile, in countries like France, where there are 30% more golfers, or more than twice as many golfers as Germany and England, our players watch in amazement as they pick up trophies at one of our country’s 400 golf courses.

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