Home Sport Spain’s fourth medal for Ghazi Jalidov was an impressive ko. disappeared...

Spain’s fourth medal for Ghazi Jalidov was an impressive ko. disappeared after

 Spain's fourth medal for Ghazi Jalidov was an impressive ko.  disappeared after

Russian Imam Khataev finished in the final round with substitutes for the Spanish with his right hand. Olympic diploma for boxer who arrived in Spain as a refugee

Ghazi Jalidov, after falling from Ko.louis robioAFP

Gazimagomed Shamilovich Jalidov Gafurov’s medal went missing in a gruesome match against Russian Imam Khataev at the Rygoku Kokugikan, Tokyo’s impressive sumo shrine. Light heavyweight (-81 kg), a boy born in Khasavoort (Dagestan, Russia), who arrived in Spain as a refugee in 2004, could not fulfill his Olympic dream.

Things never went well for Ghazi Jalidov, who lost the first two rounds on points. Soon, his nose started bleeding too. With everything lost, he braved all in third and final, but after 10 seconds he ate an impressive hand from Khataev that completely upset him. Fortunately, the Spaniard was soon able to regain his sobriety.

The life story of Gazi Jalidov is a desperate adventure by fleeing the civil war in his region until he reaches Tokyo. He traveled around half of Europe with his family until he entered Spain via San Sebastian, where he found the sun and a tortilla sandwich he would never forget. Later, he settled in Logru, where boxing was his escape route. I remember my father Shamil. They killed him. I dedicate all the victories to him, his memory gives me strength in the ring. The last time I saw him before going to Europe was in Moscow. He will be eight years old, recognized EL Mundo after winning an Olympic ticket to the Paris Pre-Olympics (after defeating Turkey Bayram Malkan) last June.

He gained nationality in 2015 and was the champion of Spain in 2019. However, he was about to throw in the towel after having fractured his hand twice before. He also worked as a nightclub bouncer. I had the operation and started again. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Until entering the national team. Come along Jose Ignacio Barutia, until the championship in Spain that changed everything. He moved to the High Performance Center and was placed under the command of Rafa Lozano.

In Tokyo, Gazi beat the Australian in eighth Pablo Acouso And he played medals with the one who was his compatriot one day. However, he had to settle for an Olympic diploma.

This Friday, another nationalized, Cuban Enmanuel Reyes PlasSpain can get a medal in heavyweight. For 21 years Spanish boxing has not achieved this, the silver of now coach, Rafa Lozano, ‘Balita’ in Sydney 2000 (he achieved bronze in Atlanta). Earlier, Enrique Rodriguez Cal won bronze in Munich 72 and Faustino Reyes silver in Barcelona. In RO, Samuel Carmona stayed one match away from the podium.