Home Sport Spain takes revenge with a taste of the quarter

Spain takes revenge with a taste of the quarter

Spain takes revenge with a taste of the quarter

The basketball team won 85–70 with Alba Torrens and Maite Cazorla Imperialists and is already contemplating the next round of the Olympic tournament.

Alba Torrence and Estau Nadour celebrate after the win.FIBA
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I was waiting for this duel in the Spanish dressing room, those nights marked by fire. There have been a lot of outstanding accounts during the last few years, dear enemy. Serbia, which fell apart Spain Brutally from the semifinals of the recent European. The national team largely achieved the quarter-finals in Saitama, with the European champions taking revenge in a massive comeback in the second half. and with a proper name, that maite cazorla, lord of the future.

In Valencia, in a dramatic match that day, a free kick stripped Spain of the quarter-finals, from defending their world gold. Christina Ouvia, which is so famous these days for its controversial video in which it unveiled the Slovenian party, had the right to tie the first extension, but the one who won failed. And there was no way in overtime, and neither was the latter against Russia, where the women’s team, which won seven career medals, was also left without a ticket to the next World Cup.

It could not be forgotten in the 150th meeting of Lucas Mondello Selection lead, so many successes. And that Spain woke up under Serbian rule, with the heroism of the first part Jelena Brooks (14 points), which he tried to answer alba torrents placeholder image (11 more nadaur (13)

Things got complicated around the dressing room maljkovic (43-52). But in that abyss, one of those players who has been passed down from generation to generation appeared like a ray of hope. cazorla, with almost three consecutive triplets (he finished with 17 points), he launched Spain, which did not stop until the very end. In the blink of an eye, Mondello’s men had ended the game, with the final quarter to frame (26–12).

With an advantage (+15) that gives them strong dreams with a first group place, as Serbia beat Canada on day one. The Canadian will be the next opponent on Sunday. It might even be worth a narrow loss to be seeded in the quarterfinals and avoid the coconuts: America You Australia.