Home Sport Spain takes a suffered step towards the quarterfinals

Spain takes a suffered step towards the quarterfinals

Spain takes a suffered step towards the quarterfinals

The Guerreras beat Japan in an erratic match (28-26) and kept the plenary session in the World Cup.

Jennifer Gutirrez, throws to goalkeeper of Japan.EFE
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The Spanish women’s handball team took a suffered step towards the quarterfinals, after beating Japan 28-26, in a match in which the Guerreras managed to overcome their numerous errors. The restraint and sobriety that the Spanish team showed in the first phase, in which those of Jos Ignacio Prades limited the losses of the ball to the maximum, their usual Achilles heel, completely disappeared before Japan infected by the electric rhythm of the Japanese team.[Narracin y estadsticas: 28-26]

A circumstance that condemns Spain to enter a dangerous dynamic of failures and more failures, as happened to the Japanese team, but the Spaniards managed to leave in time to add a victory, which allowed them to prolong the full victories in the Championship of the world.

Influenced by the vertigo of the Japanese, the Spanish players seemed determined from the beginning to give maximum speed to all their actions, both in attack and defense. A formula that could not give better starting results to the Spanish team, which in the first nine minutes of play already accumulated enough ball recoveries to reach a hopeful income of four goals on the scoreboard (7-3).

But the problem was that the “Warriors” did not take long to confuse speed with precipitation, stubborn in trying to solve their attacks in just a few seconds. A circumstance that was not wasted by the selection of Japan, which little by little was adding to the speed in the circulation of the ball the precision necessary to get the ball with an advantage to the winger Hiraku Matsumoto, who closed the first half with six goals.

Opposing dynamics that did not take long to move to the scoreboard in which the Jos Ignacio Prades They went from winning by 7-3 to finding themselves with a goal behind (9-10) after conceding a 2-7 adverse quarter in ten minutes. A warning of the suffering that awaited the Spanish team, in which only the outstanding performance of the goalkeeper Silvia Navarro, allowed him to prevent the escape of the Japanese squad.

The Loss Problem

The break seemed to sit better for the Spanish team, which seemed to regain the defensive intensity that allowed them to distance themselves on the scoreboard at the start of the contest. Although the main change of the Spanish team came in attack, where the presence of the central Silvia Arderius It seemed to give the Guerreras the clarity necessary to get the ball to the ends and pivots, which led to a new take-off for the Spanish team (19-16).

However, the losses of the ball, a problem that Spain was never able to solve, once again weighed down those of Jos Ignacio Prades. A dangerous dynamic from which the Guerreras managed to get out on time, thanks to the excellent work of the right back Almudena Rodriguez and, above all, from the extreme Maitane Etxeberria, author of five goals, which put the pause and the effectiveness of the Spanish attack in the final stretch.

Offensive success that allowed Spain to position itself with an income of four goals (25-21) in the absence of less than eight minutes for the conclusion, that not even the effort of Japan, which resorted to the attack with seven players in the final moments, already achieved wipe as reflected in the final 28-26.

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