Home Sport Spain-Slovenia: What else but Ricky Rubio?

Spain-Slovenia: What else but Ricky Rubio?

Spain-Slovenia: What else but Ricky Rubio?

The selection faces a crucial match for the Games. A win sweetens the way (Italy or Germany in the quarterfinals) and a defeat condemns 50% against the USA team. Clever and Willie, good news of the beginning.

Willie Hernangmez in the match against Argentina.eris messinisAFP

Duel of proper names (at 10.20 a.m.), at Saitama Super Arena. Luca Doncic and Ricky Rubio monopolize everything, but at times it decides what orbits around the stars. Because this Sunday is like a tie ‘without elimination’. He who smiles clears his horizons (in the quarters in Germany or Italy). Whoever twists the gesture, with a 50% chance – this is the new format devised by FIBA ​​- meets the USA team in the quarter-finals.

words of appreciation towards doncic They compete in bombing. It is not for less. Not only does he flirt with the record in his Olympic debut (48 points on the first day, nearly triple-doubled on the second day…) perhaps most impressive is how he conquers Slovenia, a team that is orphaned by the leader. Nor could she qualify for the last World Cup in ‘Windows’. But with him, on a patriotic mission, he doesn’t know what he has to lose: 15 out of 15, including the 2017 EuroBasket (gold), the recent Pre-Olympics and what’s happening in Tokyo.

Speaks scariolo what infects and you just have to see mike tobe, he was nationalized, caught 25 rebounds in two matches. or to prepellic Triple shooting at 50% (17 points per game). Cankar and Zoran Dragi The other highest-scoring team for all sports is Jeopardy: one scam, which is 117 per night. alexander sekulik. Chacho says, “The rest of the team is very strong, with talent, shooters, who are playing with great confidence.”

Abalde and Garuba

And what does Spain oppose besides Ricky? In the first two bets, they also stood out, thanks to the good tone of the defense, controlled without major blows. Victor Cleaver and Willie Hernangmez. First, called to be even more important after the fall juancho and after his gray course at Barra, marked by his operation and his little confidence jasikevicius. Showing muscle despite knowing very little lag in Scariolo’s rotation. Even playing four with a gasol. After his good performance against Scola, he admitted, “We know that Pau and Mark are two legends of the national team. I’ll just be ready when the opportunity comes, no matter what the situation. I accept that role.” that touches me.” on Thursday.

experience helps Pau, Rudy, Lull and Sergio RodriguezHe maintains the best rhythm in his work. Abrines Good feelings left against Japan and somewhat darker against Argentina, but the time would come when their triple would be needed to defend the others. Instead, there are three players from whom more is expected.

the first is Mark Gasolo, with its light and shadow. The whole game passes through him, but against Argentina, out of focus, he lost by eight balls and only two points. Of Usman Garuba, recently produced by Rockets, is missing its coupling with Pau in the second unit. The ubiquitous type of Real Madrid, timid and unsuccessful, has not yet regained consciousness. You abalde Perhaps he is the player who, despite starting out as a starter, smiles at Scariolo the least.

“The height of the obstacle goes up, so you have to increase the height of the jump,” Scariolo said via warning this Saturday. Because this Sunday is one of those sports who win or lose medals. In the words of Chacho, “the most important game of the championship.”