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Spain makes its way to header

He beat Finland (4-1) on his debut, thanks to three headers and both penalties. The Nordics made a surprising move in the first minute

Irene Paredes celebrates her goal against Finland.ben stansalaAFP
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If anyone thought nothing could go wrong for Spain at Euro 2022, that this season was enough to lose two of the world’s best footballers, they only had to wait 49 seconds. Who made Finland the first score. If anyone feared that Jorge Vilda’s selection might come crashing down, all he had to do was watch the reaction. Headbutting if necessary. with three shots of Irene Parades, aetana bonmata You Luca GarciaAnd after a penalty from Mariana Caldente was added in the final minute, Spain added three points before the European Championship (4–1).

It was one minute of confusion and 89 minutes of domination. A goal that did not change the expected script and 32 shots made Spain’s superiority clear. If they had room for the sin, the Spanish team spent it in the first minute, when a long ball hit Anna Westerlund broke a defense that was not yet in place. In Finland’s most recurrent move, slstrum i pat my back mappy lane and defined before Paredes and sandra pos With a good cross shot. It was Leon’s only fault, which made him pay dearly and repay him with interest.

The goal reinforced positions that were expected from the start: Finland locked in, waiting their turn to counterattack, and Spain on top cutting stone. team of George Wilda Add wings as extreme and pissed off rival terrain with ten field players. Such was the domain, such was the encirclement of Finland, like a pointed island with silström. He shocked the center from the band, especially the left. Lila and Caldenti, for which Esther and even Mapie Lane left. Trying to open a defense that was getting stronger in the area. Finland had built a wall and Spain had to hammer it down.

At the ninth corner in 25 minutes, mariona caldente They put it in front of the small field and the parades signed the tie with a scintillating front. Spain developed and Finland withdrew, seeing how Patri Guijaro and Slström were already in custody between the centres, their only escape valve.

He pushed in search of another, resting in peace, and he found it through the air as well: Mapei Leon crossed from the left top of the large field and Aitana Bonmatt, coming from the second row, hit the corpella with a header. Pinned with top corner.

Caldenti Icing

It was Lyon’s first assist, who made up for the error in the first goal by giving two to his teammates. The second half will come in the second half, in which the game is already downhill. With 2–1 in the pocket, Spain reduced revolutions but did not give up command, giving rise to the idea that defense is best defended with the ball.

In a lateral free kick, this time with a right-handed switch, the Aragonese centre-back placed it on the near post and Luca Garcia, still wise, finished the ball to score third. Three goals, three heads, a weapon the team had already shown in preparation: half the goals against Australia and Italy came from above. without alexia nor AttractiveIt’s a relief to see the selection.

The Spanish team dominated until the last minute, and there, at 95, they found the icing on the cake: a penalty on Marta Cardona that Caldenti sent to the team. Finland was a friendly opponent to start this Euro 2022 with high regard and Spain took the opportunity to arm itself with it ahead of the duel against Germany and Denmark.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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