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Spain, from dominance to suffering, ties with Argentina and will take on Ivory Coast in the quarter-finals

Spain, from dominance to suffering, ties with Argentina and will take on Ivory Coast in the quarter-finals

Mikel Merino scores the only goal in a match that is finally reactivated by Abyslestes. The Real midfielder and Asensio returned to ownership. Scar Gill will not be able to play, approved

Olmo congratulates Mikel Merino.jose mendezEFE

After a slow start to the Olympic tournament, the dream of football without bells takes off. Good point, because the history of the national team in sports is usually all or nothing. Few people woke up as excited as London 2012 and went home without waking up. one who directs luis de la fuente He comes from the best, from a European Under-21 title and playing his hard core in a good Euro Cup. The unknown is how much fuel you have left. Argentina is sure to dominate. Although he is an albiceleste weakened by many circumstances, he has the pride and pasture of taking anyone to the limit. did.

Spain was better with the ball, its owner, and found a way to get it over the net in its own way, but due to Egypt’s victory by more than one goal, it lacked a punch to avoid a result in which qualification was at stake. Was. over Australia. Mikel Merino, a midfielder, was the vortex of the final combination in someone else’s field, but the selection in his own country did not include the rise of Argentina. Belmont When de la Fuente was already transitioning into freshness, I panicked.

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Victory opens up the most economical path for him, being first in the group and avoiding Brazil at the crossroads. They will face Ivory Coast on Saturday (10:00 Spanish time). The opponent of the lower hierarchy although also unknown. African Olympic teams are full of surprises. One, Cameroon, stopped the generation of xavi hernandez You puyol Be gold in Sydney 2000.

The core of the Euro is the hard core of the national team. So they have come, de la Fuente must think. Searching for alternatives doesn’t go along with them. Six were in eleven, as in the previous games, an eleven in which they returned. Asensio and Mikel Merino made the sacrifice after the draw against Egypt. it did not mingueza, notwithstanding what is already available, to avoid risk. approve nishan gilo This should give you space in the rooms. The result was the same, possession and dominance, but this time with more ball speed and more depth than on debut, something that had to do with a footballer who didn’t at the time, cucurella.

Abandoned Argentina

‘Cuku’ squeezed in from the left and the Argentine felt it. Albiceleste raised the threshold of stiffness, as it was the only way to stop running behind the ball. newel prazo He was filled with a fiery yellow, an obstacle for the central defender and captain of a team that would start these games of the Spanish’s antipode. Argentina, absolute, won the Copa America, but no player of that age who played it is in Tokyo. Neither were selectable from clubs like Rivera, Boca or Racing, as they still had things at stake when their concentration began. an elderly person, such as Gignac in France or alves in Brazil. Only ledesma, goalkeeper, over 23. From there, what has he done fernando batista placeholder image, has merit with the footballers here and there. It should be recognized when you return.

The Argentine technicians were aware of Spanish superiority and did not dispute the occupation. He handed over the ball, orphanage, to play from below, through the counter, stalled ball and blockades in his country. Not only did he come to rest alive, but he also had the first obvious chance of an accident, such as coming from the right. Ezequiel Barco, who found unai simno on your site. Despite Spain’s advance, Batista advanced his men well, took control and had a chance, minutes after the goal. Belmont.

A dominating Spain, backed by pedri But when he met ‘Kuku’, he made a revolution, elm and especially oarzabali, I got some warnings. The man who scored against Australia provided a shot, although without luck, but above all dynamism, which greatly complicated the task of the central president and medina. He lacked clarity in the final stages, but his job of destabilizing the defense was enormous, and all Spaniards who stepped into the Argentinean area benefited greatly from it. To start with, his teammate at Real and goalscorer Mikel Merino at Saitama.

jubimendi He tried Ledesma in the first half and Olmo scored as soon as the second started, Argentina was unable to respond. Batista gave relays while adding cards. Spain’s goal against him was a matter of minute or misfortune, if not reached. He did it his own way, a band-to-band combination, Olmo’s drop, smooth, and a midfielder finishing in the cave, with Mikel Merino.

Albiceleste’s intention to make a long, long game and look for his chances did not disappear with losses. The forward move led to setbacks in Spanish territory, a possible penalty from Mikel Merino, a hand on the ground, and a target hunted by Belmonte. The remaining minutes did not wake Spain from sleep, but they needed something more to score.