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Friday, October 7, 2022

Spain conceded its first defeat against Georgia

Sergio Scariolo’s team lost in extra time in Tbilisi for the first time in qualifying for the 2023 World Cup.

Sebastian Saiz moans during the game.FIBA
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Spanish team lost in this Monday Georgia At the qualifying stage for the 2023 World Cup in a match in which his opponent put him far behind for it and in which he managed to upset the locals, the young man appeared Rati Andronikashvili, One who plays in the NCAA, to lead his team to a victory in which the ACB Thad McFadden You Giorgi Shermadini You toko shengelia He was also decisive. [Narracin y estadsticas: 82-76]

Spain has already secured its way into the next stage of these qualifying rounds, but victories against rivals, such as Georgia, advance to that second stage. Therefore, sergio scariolo He highlighted the importance of a game in which his team was unable to take advantage of the moment they managed to throw their opponent into disarray and were forced to end up in a tight end which they lost due to their lack. Abandoned the initiative of success.

Spain began to become aware of their opponent’s potential in the inside game and neutralized Shengelia and Shermadini from the start, but the locals did not lose their temper. With McFadden being very active, he kept a good amount of pressure on the ball and took shots from afar that allowed him to close the first quarter from the top, without allowing the Spanish team to gain momentum in the attack. Facing an offensive jam, Sergio Scariolo sent his team running, but the locals stopped each counterattack with a foul and tried to open his team a Georgian can from the 6’75 line, but 0 out of 7. With which he opened the conflict. That point allowed the locals to open a small gap (21–16, m.13).

A timeout by Scariolo woke the Spaniard, who hastened the pace of his actions, something the return of which helped Joel Parra and the vitality of Jaime Fernandez, The locals saw how they had lost their tight control over the clash, but managed to reach the forward break with their maximum proceeds thanks to the Shengelia basket (37-31, m.20) on the buzzer.

many faults

That blow and the half-time break hindered Spain’s recovery, although Georgia did not return to the shot either. The shock hardened, the failures multiplied, but still, the presence of Xabi López-Arostragui Allowed the team to maintain their pressure at both ends of the pitch. a third of ferran basa Allowed to equalize shock and a basket Jaime Pradilla The return ended (41-43, m.27).

Even after losing the helm, the local people did not lose heart. Sharp wear and tear on McFadden made it difficult for him to score but the nationalized player’s persistence and Shengelia’s deployment on both sides of the track allowed him to reach the end with options and even lead (60- 59, m.38).

López-Arostegui’s triple stopped Georgia when it threatened to take off and the match was decided in a toss-up. One under but with the ball, Andronikashvili took the risk and succeeded with a steal on Bassus, but from a three-pointer. Daro Brizuela Eighteen seconds later, the match was tied and Shengelia could not escape extra time. Brizuela took charge of the offensive but Andronikashvili returned the initiative to the locals with a steal and nearly eight points. The Parra cut short the score but McFadden sealed the triple match with just over half a minute to spare.

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