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Soccer World Cup 2022: Lewandowski vs Ibrahimovic: The goalless gunners challenge in the World Cup

The leaders of Poland and Sweden will challenge each other in the playoffs this Tuesday. No one has managed to score a goal at the World Championships. All-time top international goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo is also looking for a place for Portugal.

Lewandowski, during pre-match training.EFE
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Both scored 136 goals defending their respective teams’ jerseys, but neither of them scored in the World Cup. names of zlatan ibrahimovic and of Robert Lewandowski They are the first that a fan would say verbally if they were asked about the great European scorers and, both, despite the age difference, have stuck to the thorn in not scoring in one. world Cup, only one can try to get it out Queue, Poland And Sweden They are measured with their last shot in the chamber in a duel of gunners in the playoffs this Tuesday.

Poland was sentenced to a play-off for not being able to play. England Despite being defeated at home in only one duel against Hungary (1–2), the qualifying stage. Now it goes straight to this ‘final’ after the removal of Russia International competitions for the invasion of Ukraine. Before this was confirmed, he had already announced his boycott, which was confirmed by Lewandowski. He scored eight goals in qualifying for the total. 74 of his 128 matches played Since making his debut for Poland in September 2008.

Qualifying for the World Cup would be the final touch for the three seasons in which he has been the world’s top scorer, despite the fact that, to Ibrahimovic’s annoyance, he was not selected. Golden Ball, In the campaign of 20/21 he snatched Gerd Muller Record scorer in the Bundesliga with 41 goals in a season, and this season he already has 45 goals and four assists in all competitions.

The first World Cup for Lewandowski was Russia 2018, in which he played all three group stage games without scoring. It was the return of Poland, after which The Golden Age of the 70s and early 80s, in which it was third in Germany at 74 and Spain at 82, had a testimonial presence: it did not go past the first stage in Korea and Japan (2002) nor in Germany (2006). The rest did not arrive.

The coming and going of the Swedish team

Those appointments were also the last in which he was present zlatan ibrahimovic with Sweden. At the age of 40 and with 62 goals in 120 international matches, hardly anyone expected that the unassuming forward would try to play the World Cup again. They left Sweden on the way czech republic in overtime without their cooperation, as they were approved, but jane anderson Will prepare it as a supplement to Isaac And Kulusevsky,

Ibrahimovic, during a training session with the national team.EFE

Ibra’s relationship with the national team has been one of love-hate. Threatened to resign three times later to celebrate “God’s Return” on their social networks. For the first time in 2006, after a clearance from the coach which he deemed inappropriate. He did it again in 2009 after the fuss of not going to the World Cup in South Africa and, what seemed certain, after the 2016 European Championship, becoming the leader of a side that had a locker room. split and captain faced melburg, I was not russia world cupIn which Sweden reached the quarter-finals.

Controversial and provocative, Ibra did not hesitate to criticize the current coach for his quotes and not calling out descendants of immigrants until he signed the peace after some televised apologies and in March 2021, he won a European Championship used them for which he took one away. Knee Injury, second man living in AC Milan, with eight goals and two assists for the Serie A leader, has once again opened the doors to the National League for him without a farewell date. “The truth is that I’ll play until I see someone better than meThat’s why I will continue to play”, he assures without any shame.

Portugal against North Macedonia

Who doesn’t even have one? Cristiano Ronaldo, He does not see his end and as the top international scorer of all time with 115 goals, his appearance in the World Cup will depend on Portugal beating the irreducible North Macedonia. Italy, The biggest European talent appearances for Target go through to the playoffs.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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