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Soccer World Cup 2022: Elbows, kicks and the flash of Vinicius’s ‘lambretta’: Argentina achieves the ticket to the World Cup against Brazil

Soccer World Cup 2022: Elbows, kicks and the flash of Vinicius's 'lambretta': Argentina achieves the ticket to the World Cup against Brazil

The albiceleste, guided by the rojiblanco De Paul, drew against his eternal rival and benefited from the victory of Ecuador to get a pass to Qatar. Vinicius, the most dangerous of the ‘canarinha’.

Vinicius, against Argentina.AGUSTIN MARCARIANReuters

Argentina qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022 thanks to the point achieved in the goalless draw against Brazil (without Neymar or Casemiro) Yet the defeat from chili by 0-2 before Ecuador in the fourteenth day of the South American qualifiers.

The equality in a new edition of the classic, this time in the Argentine province of San Juan, allowed the canarinha maintain the six-point advantage over the albiceleste with four rounds to go to the end of this qualifying round.

Before the start of the match, the Argentine team posed with a flag that read ‘Come on Kun, with everything‘and that it had a picture of the forward of the Barcelona Aguero, who was diagnosed with heart problems.

The first part was an arsenal of elbows, kicks and foul play in which there were hardly any chances. Vinicius, who started with Raphina (Leeds United) and Cunha, from Atlético, had the best chance of the start, but his Vaseline against Martínez was diverted.

A violent nudge from Nicolas Otamendi on the face of Raphinha at 35 minutes it produced some jostling and claims, but the referee did not see the infraction and theVARsurprisingly, he did not intercede and the game resumed.

The rojiblanco De Paul, guide to an Argentina in which Messi was a starter, had the clearest option for his selection at 40 minutes, when he received a pass behind from Acuna and defined from outside the area to the far post, forcing Alisson to have to fly to his left to catch the shot.

Already in the second part and after the first 45 minutes very stuck, with too many kicks, a shot from the Brazilian Fred hit the crossbar and the Argentine goalkeeper stopped a shot from Vinicius, who left the best detail of the match by performing a ‘lambretta’ in the corner. Brazil needed less ball to create more danger, but Argentina also had some scoring opportunities with mid-range shots that missed the goal.

“Who is in the VAR?” Tite protested

The coach of Brazil, Tite, expressed his outrage at the non-expulsion of Otamendi after elbowing Raphinha. “I’m going to say what I said in the locker room about refereeing. And I will assume it. (Andrés) Cunha (Uruguayan) is an extraordinary referee, his technical and perception quality are very high, a very high disciplinary aspect. But arbitration requires a team. Who is in the VAR?“, he said at a press conference.

It’s just impossible not to see the elbow from Otamendi to Raphinha. Was that decisive in the result? I don’t know, “protested the coach.

Lionel Scaloni, Argentine coach, celebrated his team’s move to the World Cup tournament. “This tie we knew was tremendously difficult. The final result is a consequence of the fact that the players want to be there, that no one has a guaranteed position and that difficult moments were overcome“said Scaloni.” We know that we depend a lot on the people (the fans) for what is transmitted to the players. It is that feeling that they are going to support the team beyond playing well or badly, “said the coach.

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