Simone Biles snorts and smiles: never has a bronze meant so much

The American returns to competition after her block with a balance beam exercise of improved difficulty, but near perfect execution.

Simone Biles, at the end of her exercise, this Tuesday.JEFF PACHOUDAFP

I had a camera on it, because Simone biles he always has a camera on him, but they weren’t in focus when he snorted and smiled. Simone Biles snorted and smiled. And that was his victory. There were a million gymnasts left to climb on the balance beam – or maybe only four – and it was still impossible to tell if she would hang the bronze, but Simone Biles snorted and smiled. Surely at that moment he remembered that he was in the place where he was happy so many times.

A few minutes after his performance and his partner competing Sunisa leeAnother moment of tension, Biles discovered that the Tokyo Games, these raw Games, had already passed and he let himself go. For a while, it was Biles again. He went to put the jumpsuit behind the Russian Vladislava UrazavaI joked with the Canadian Elsabeth blackHe congratulated all the rivals as soon as they finished their exercises, even greeted a man in the stands who, I don’t know why, carried a banner with the photo of two dogs. Only when it was learned that he would return to the podium and that only the two Chinese, Chenchen Guan Y Xijin Tang, Biles stopped, excited, and received two long hugs from her coach, Aimee boorman.